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Stone CNC Router Machine


What Is A Stone CNC Router Machine?

A stone CNC router machine is a tool that utilizes computer numerical control for processing stone materials. UTECH's stone CNC router machines are designed with robust cutting capabilities, ensuring prolonged and efficient operation. These machines are characterized by their sturdy, rigid, reliable, and durable structure, enabling the processing of both stone and soft metals. Commonly referred to as CNC stone engraving machines, CNC stone cutting machines, or CNC stone routers, UTECH's stone CNC router machines offer various functions, including carving, cutting, and polishing on materials like marble, granite, artificial stone, tombstones, and ceramic tiles.

They are employed for stone engraving, relief carving, shadow carving, line carving, and stone cutting in applications spanning home decoration, advertising, and industrial settings. Such applications include stone hollowing and more.

UTECH's Stone CNC Router Machines Find Use in Diverse Industries

  • Stone industry: Cutting and processing of stones, inkstones, jade, and marble products.

  • Kitchenware industry: Crafting artificial marble cabinet countertops.

  • Craft and decoration industry: Creating wooden crafts, gift boxes, jewelry boxes, and intricate crafts.

  • Woodworking industry: Crafting furniture items such as chairs, doors, windows, beds, cabinets, and intricate European-style furniture, as well as sculptures.

  • Mold industry: Processing various materials like copper, aluminum, architectural models, shoe materials, badges, embossing molds, and more.

  • Advertising industry: Producing billboards, signs, logos, company cards, exhibition boards, house signs, and three-dimensional characters, among others.

Should you have processing requirements within the mentioned businesses, please contact UTECH to explore more about their CNC stone router machines!


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