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With the rapid growth of industries like panel furniture, whole-house customization, and wood products, woodworking CNC processing equipment has continuously evolved in type and functionality. Currently, two common types of woodworking machining centers are prevalent in the market: the disc tool changer and the in-line tool changer machining centers. Many individuals exploring equipment options might not be familiar with these machines. Today, UTECH aims to delineate the differences between these two types of machines.

Features of Carousel ATC CNC Router

The carousel ATC CNC router boasts an autonomous servo tool magazine that can house 8-20 different tools. This feature allows for automatic tool changes to accommodate various processing needs efficiently, enhancing work speed, efficiency, and reducing labor costs. After securing the panel, the machine automatically executes cuts based on the input size, eliminating additional manual operations and improving processing efficiency. Additionally, it can be equipped with automatic typesetting software, optimizing board layout based on input dimensions, achieving a utilization rate of over 90%, and reducing raw material costs. The UTECH carousel ATC CNC router has a robust, user-friendly structure, featuring components from reputable brands known for durability. It is equipped with a dust collection device to maintain cleanliness.

Features of Inline Tool Changing Machining Center

The linear tool changing machining center is characterized by a fixed row of tool magazines, positioned either under the gantry or behind the machine bed. Placing it under the gantry allows for quick tool changes, reducing guide rail wear and saving time. Automatic tool changing capability enhances efficiency and saves labor.

Differences between Automatic Disc Tool Changing Machining Center and Inline Tool Changing Machining Center

  1. Price Variation: Disc tool magazines often employ imported systems and drive motors from Taiwan, leading to higher prices. In contrast, the inline tool changer adopts domestic systems and motors, offering a more economical choice with its 12-tool capacity.

  2. Performance: The linear tool change machining center has lower configuration demands, making it more susceptible to failure. This can result in imperfections in certain processes, such as wavy patterns on door panels. Generally, a linear tool change machining center accommodates 12 tools. For tasks requiring more tools, a disc-type automatic tool changer is recommended.

  3. System: The control system in the disc tool change machining center is superior to that of the linear tool change machining center. The disc tool changer, being a servo tool magazine, provides precise and rapid tool changes due to an extra servo compared to the linear tool changer. Consequently, the corresponding tool library price is higher.

UTECH CNC recommends choosing equipment based on individual needs. Equipment procurement aims to enhance product quality and production efficiency. Therefore, comprehensive considerations, including manufacturer strength, equipment configuration, technology, and after-sales service, are crucial. UTECH CNC offers various CNC equipment, including 3-axis CNC router machines, 4-axis CNC router machines, stone CNC router machines, plasma cutting machines, laser cutting machines, and more.

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