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With the rapid development of panel furniture, whole-house customization, wood products and other industries, the corresponding woodworking CNC processing equipment is constantly upgraded in type and function. At present, there are two common woodworking machining centers on the market, namely the disc tool changer and the in-line tool change machining center. Many friends who are investigating the equipment do not know these two machines very well, so today Lanxiang CNC Let's analyze the differences between these two machines for you.

Features of automatic disc tool change

The cutting machine of the disc tool change machining center has an independent servo tool magazine, which can hold 8-20 different tools. It is enough for cabinet door panels. The machine processing speed is fast. After the plate is fixed, the machine automatically cuts according to the input plate size , No extra manual operation is needed, which increases the processing efficiency. It can also be equipped with automatic typesetting software. As long as the size of the board is input, the software optimizes its typesetting. The board usage efficiency can reach more than 90%, which increases the board usage efficiency and reduces raw materials. cost.

Features of inline tool change machining center

The straight-line tool change machining center, as the name suggests, is that the tool magazine is a fixed row. The straight-line tool magazine can be placed under the gantry or behind the bed. It is more reasonable to place it under the gantry, because the tool is changed like this The speed is fast, the wear of the guide rail is small, and it saves time. There is no need to go to the rear to change each time the tool is changed. It can realize automatic tool change, improve efficiency and save labor.

The difference between automatic disc tool change and inline tool change machining center

1. Price difference

Most of the disc tool changer adopts the imported system and drive motor from Taiwan, and the price is high. The direct-row tool change adopts the domestic system and motor, which is economical and practical. The direct-row tool change can hold 12 tools. The processing cabinet door panel is sufficient for use. It is quite economical. machine.

2. Performance difference

The straight-line tool change machining center has relatively low configuration requirements, so it is more prone to failure, and there will be certain defects in some process processing, such as wave patterns on the door panel. Generally, the straight-line tool change machining center can arrange 12 tools. Therefore, if the processing requires more than 12 tools, it is recommended to use a disc automatic tool changer.

3, system differences

The control system model used by the disc tool change machining center is higher than that of the straight line tool change machining center. Because it is a servo tool magazine, the tool change speed is accurate and extremely fast, because the disc tool changer has one more servo than the straight line tool changer. The corresponding price of the tool library is also higher.

UTECH CNC recommends that you can choose the machine that suits you according to the actual situation. The purchase of equipment is to increase product quality and production efficiency, so this requires everyone to consider various aspects when inspecting equipment, including manufacturer strength, equipment configuration and process , After-sales service, etc.


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