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Oscillating Knife CNC Cutting Machine


UTECH's oscillating knife CNC cutting machine is an efficient and versatile CNC equipment specifically designed for cutting various materials. This machine caters to the diverse processing needs of soft materials and intricate geometries. Whether you are in textile manufacturing, working with soft materials, composite materials, leather, or need custom cuts, this machine will prove indispensable in your production process. UTECH's oscillating knife CNC cutting machines offer high-quality, fast, and precise cutting capabilities, providing manufacturing and processing industries with exceptional tools to meet innovation and production goals.

The UTECH oscillating knife cutting machine features a vibrating knife and an automatic tool-changing spindle. Alongside the EOT-3 vibrating knife, capable of cutting various soft materials, the spindle supports CNC milling machine functions. Its cutting process generates no heat or smoke, ensuring a safe cutting method. Widely used for cutting soft materials and woodworking, such as MDF, hardwood, cotton materials, and rubber sheets, this machine ensures unprecedented speed, consistency, and reliability, whether cutting composite materials, canvas, laminates, or textiles.

The UTECH oscillating knife CNC cutting machine finds applications in industries such as shoemaking, fashion and clothing fabrics, automotive interiors, luggage manufacturing, packaging, decoration, electronics, and composite materials. Processable fabrics include knitted uppers, non-woven fabric, leather, rexine, cotton, felt, silk, lace, polyester, fleece, soft shell, jeans, alcantara, neoprene, corrugated cardboard, cardboard, whiteboard, gray board, stickers, PVC film, foam board, artificial leather, gaskets, sponges, prepreg, acrylic, honeycomb board, fiberboard, epoxy resin board, plexiglass, car mats, fibers, composite materials, and other soft materials.

In woodworking, it excels in solid corrugated board technology, cabinet doors, artistic wooden doors, paint-free doors, windproof designs, artistic window technology, shoe polishers, game cabinets, chessboards, mahjong tables, computer desks, and home auxiliary process effects. For advertising purposes, it is ideal for advertising boards, label design, acrylic cutting, models, and multi-material decorative products. Additionally, it can carve copper, aluminum, iron, stainless steel, artificial marble, sand, plastic boards, PVC materials, wooden boards, and other non-metallic materials in the model industry. Moreover, it's capable of engraving various appealing images widely used in the art industry.

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