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4 Axis CNC Router Machine


The fourth axis, also known as the CNC indexing head of CNC machine tools, is an accessory that clamps the workpiece on the chuck or between two centers, enabling rotation, indexing, and precise positioning. UTECH's 4-axis CNC router machine tools offer a distinct advantage by accomplishing tasks that a 3-axis CNC router engraving machine cannot complete in a single operation. Through rotation, it enables multi-sided processing of products.

The UTECH CNC milling machine widens the area processed by the tool, significantly reducing the number of times the workpiece needs to be re-clamped. This enhances the overall processing accuracy of the workpiece, simplifies the process, shortens production time, and boosts production efficiency.

Primarily used for rotary processing of various materials such as wood, MDF, plywood, aluminum, copper, brass, stone, foam, plastic, acrylic, and glass, the UTECH 4-axis CNC router machine is a versatile tool. UTECH is dedicated to being your best supplier, offering professional, high-quality 4-axis CNC router machines at competitive prices, fitting within your budget, and backed by expert customer service.

Furthermore, we also provide CNC metal router machines, ATC CNC router machines, oscillating knife CNC cutting machines, and other CNC machinery tailored to meet your diverse needs, including 2D/3D personalized cutting, engraving, drilling, grooving, turning, milling, and other project requirements.

///UTECH" became the company's new logo, and the company's development philosophy "Smarter Solution, Better Tomorrow.

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