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Advertising CNC Router


The UTECH Advertising CNC Router Machine is a specialized CNC tool kit tailored for crafting advertising signage, meticulously designed for precision cutting and engraving tasks within the advertising industry. 

Two Types of Advertising CNC Router Machine

Low-power CNC engraving machines are characterized by smaller drive motor power. Due to their lower power, they are suitable for fine milling tasks with a small cutting surface, such as creating badges, sand table models, and surface processing of handicrafts. However, these machines cannot perform high-power engraving and cutting tasks.

On the other hand, high-power CNC engraving machines boast a drive motor power exceeding 1500W. This category of advertising CNC router machines is versatile, capable of both low-power and high-power engraving tasks. For instance, they are used for creating crystal characters, various advertising signs, irregular cutting and shaping of plates, and artificial stone processing. Their high power enables cutting through materials like 30mm thick organic glass in one pass or utilizing a forming milling cutter for high-power shaping and engraving.

UTECH Advertising CNC Routers excel in precision cutting and engraving, enabling intricate designs and detailed work on various advertising materials like acrylic, PVC, foam, and wood. Constructed with a sturdy frame and high-quality components, these machines offer stability and durability, essential for the continuous production demands of the advertising industry.

If you're in the advertising industry, UTECH CNC routers offer an excellent choice to optimize costs and enhance productivity. Additionally, we provide CCD CNC router machines, oscillating knife CNC cutting machines, stone CNC router machines, and other CNC machines to cater to diverse needs and applications.

Applications of UTECH Advertising CNC Routers

  • Advertising Industry: Carving and cutting various signs, marble, copper, fonts, trademarks, and other metal materials.

  • Seal Industry: Easily cutting seals on horns, plastics, organic boards, wood, and other materials.

  • Handicraft Industry: Routing characters, graphics, iron artwork carvings, and dials on handicrafts and souvenirs.

  • Mold Processing: Creating architectural models, physical models, molds for bronzing, motors, high-frequency molds, micro-injection molds, shoe molds, embossing molds, biscuits, chocolates, and candy molds.

///UTECH" became the company's new logo, and the company's development philosophy "Smarter Solution, Better Tomorrow.

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