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    UTECH provides high-quality CNC routers and engraving machines suitable for various purposes, including CNC woodworking, 3-axis and 4-axis routing, ATC (Automatic Tool Change) capabilities, metal engraving, stone carving, advertising applications, oscillating knife cutting, CCD technology, and more. Our CNC equipment finds versatile use across multiple industries:

    • Woodworking: Ideal for crafting cabinets, doors, and fine furniture.

    • Construction: Suitable for processing aluminum profiles, copper, brass, and other soft metals.

    • Advertising: Perfect for engraving acrylic, PVC, and various materials.

    • Plastic and Sheet Processing: Capable of working with materials like PCB, PP, PE, and more.

    UTECH CNC machines are known for their precision, speed, durability, and timeless design. Our machines feature sturdy, thick bodies that resist deformation and ensure long-lasting performance. We source spare parts from reputable brands, ensuring quality and extended service life.

    An exceptional feature of our S2 series CNC machines is the patented detachable design. The machine legs and body can be separated, significantly saving space during transportation and shipping. Additionally, UTECH boasts a professional after-sales team dedicated to providing excellent customer service. Should you have any inquiries, UTECH is committed to assisting you!

  • 3 Axis CNC Router

    The UTECH 3-axis CNC router machine stands as a commonly used CNC equipment. It utilizes an X, Y, and Z three-axis motion control system, enabling precise control over operations in three directions. The high-precision movement and positioning capability make it suitable for handling various complex processing tasks.

    This CNC router features a solid steel frame structure, resistant to deformation, and is equipped with a high-precision 4hp/6hp high-frequency spindle. The machine incorporates a high-speed 3-axis motion controller with DSP remote control and a user-friendly operating interface, ensuring ease of use for operators, allowing them to quickly get accustomed to the machine.

    The versatility of this CNC engraving machine allows its application across diverse industries:

    • Construction Industry: Used for architectural decorative elements, cabinets, doors, facades, curtain walls, columns, and railings.

    • Signage and Advertising Industry: Suitable for indoor/outdoor signs, engravings, reliefs, and 3D letters.

    • Modeling and Prototyping Industry: Offers capabilities for modeling and prototyping tasks.

    • Plastics and Composites Industry: Works with materials like ACP, ACM, solid surface materials, etc.

    • Non-ferrous Metals and Shipbuilding Industry: Used for various applications in these sectors.

    UTECH's three-axis CNC milling machines significantly enhance industry productivity and efficiency, providing robust support across different sectors. We also offer a variety of other CNC equipment, including 4-axis CNC routers, CNC wood routers, CNC metal router machines, ATC CNC router machines, and more. Contact us today to discover more about our offerings.

  • 4 Axis CNC Router Machine

    The fourth axis, also known as the CNC indexing head of CNC machine tools, is an accessory that clamps the workpiece on the chuck or between two centers, enabling rotation, indexing, and precise positioning. UTECH's 4-axis CNC router machine tools offer a distinct advantage by accomplishing tasks that a 3-axis CNC router engraving machine cannot complete in a single operation. Through rotation, it enables multi-sided processing of products.

    The UTECH CNC milling machine widens the area processed by the tool, significantly reducing the number of times the workpiece needs to be re-clamped. This enhances the overall processing accuracy of the workpiece, simplifies the process, shortens production time, and boosts production efficiency.

    Primarily used for rotary processing of various materials such as wood, MDF, plywood, aluminum, copper, brass, stone, foam, plastic, acrylic, and glass, the UTECH 4-axis CNC router machine is a versatile tool. UTECH is dedicated to being your best supplier, offering professional, high-quality 4-axis CNC router machines at competitive prices, fitting within your budget, and backed by expert customer service.

    Furthermore, we also provide CNC metal router machines, ATC CNC router machines, oscillating knife CNC cutting machines, and other CNC machinery tailored to meet your diverse needs, including 2D/3D personalized cutting, engraving, drilling, grooving, turning, milling, and other project requirements.

  • CNC Wood Router

    The UTECH CNC wood router is an automatic woodworking CNC machine designed for intelligent 2D, 2.5D, and 3D cutting, milling, engraving, drilling, and grooving of popular woodworking designs. The CNC wood router machine comprises various components, including the bed frame, spindle, vacuum table or T-slot table, CNC controller, CNC operating system, CNC software, gantry, driver, motor, vacuum pump, guide rail, pinion, rack, ball screw, chucks, limit switches, power supplies, and various other CNC parts and accessories.

    UTECH CNC wood router machines are utilized in a wide range of popular woodworking projects, such as wood crafts, sign making, cabinet making, door making, gift production, modeling, decorations, wardrobes, and various furniture making projects. Whether you're a hobbyist or a professional woodworker, finding the ideal CNC mill for automating your woodworking projects is made easy at UTECH.

    UTEC offers a comprehensive range of CNC wood router machines, including 3-axis CNC routers to 4-axis CNC routers, from ATC CNC routers and CCD CNC router machines to oscillating knife CNC cutting machines. Additionally, UTECH provides various customization options and add-ons to tailor your CNC machine tools to suit your specific needs. By exploring your requirements, planning your budget, comparing features and costs, UTECH is committed to assisting you in finding and providing the best products to either start or upgrade your business.


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    CNC Router New Packing Method
    The SESAME CNC Router’s greatest advantage is machine
    lathe bed and legs could be split freely, accoding to
    customer’s request, disassemble the machine
    could save space and shipping cost.
    CNC Router with Vacuum Table Structure
    Vacuum table &T-slot table together, you can choose to use
    one of them according to which kind of material or size you
    wanna process. Updated structurem except standard
    diversion trench. with some drainage groove, increased
    airflow space, enhanced adsorption.
    Detachable Structure of Cnc Router
    The legs and body of SESAMECNCcan be sep arated
    freelysave packing volume and shipping cost.
    if you are an individual buyer 2sets/3 sets can be packed
    in a wooden box
    If you're a dealer, a 20GP container to package 6 sets.
    4 6
    CNC Machine Service
    We will supply 1. English Operation Manual and Training CD
    for installing and operation, including an introduction for the composing of equipment, working principle equipment,
    general knowledge of computers, controlling electronic devices,
    and daily maintenance measuresof equipment.
    2. Personal demonstration for installation, adjusting and operation. 3. Common malfunction eliminating actions, etc.
    CNC Router Display
    UTECH has a professional design and technical team
    to meet all your needs, and the equipment supports
    Before confirming the production order, we will
    provide the rendering picture and 360-degree panoramic
    video, so that customers can fully understand the
    style and structure of the machine.
    Description of M3000s CNC Machine
    This kind of machine belong to UTECH SOFIA Series,
    standard machine with 1325 working size, T-slot table,
    side rotary attachment, dont need adjust Z axis. When
    delivery, need dismantle rotary axis. We sold many
    machine to overseas similar as this, we'll adjust machine
    structure and circuit, for helping you easy install and using.
  • Aluminum Engraving(视频)
    Aluminum Engraving
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    Wood relief
    Wood relief
    Tool box making
    Tool box making
    MDF Engraving
    MDF Engraving


* Advertising industry

Acrylic cutting, density board cutting, snowflake cutting, double color board carving, various advertising boards.

* Furniture industry

Cabinet doors, wooden doors, solid wood, mahogany furniture, antique furniture, all kinds of composite sheet cutting carving.

* Plate processing industry

Insulation board, plastic work piece, PCB board, anti-double board, epoxy resin, ABS, PP, PE and other carbon mixtures.

* Crafts industry

Artificial marble, PVC, wood, plexiglass, copper aluminum and so on.

* Decoration industry

The screen, wave plate, wood, artificial marble, organic board, decorative board, double color board and other materials on various exquisite patterns and text carving.


"///UTECH" is the new logo brand after the transformation of "Shandong U-May CNC Technology Co., Ltd."."///" aims to record the important strategic transformation of the company from ordinary business Innovation.

U-MAY CNC Tech specializes in the R&D, production of CNC MACHINE. Our brand "WIN" has a considerable reputation in the domestic similar products. Our CNC MACHINEs have been widely used in wooden furniture, advertising, craft gifts, packaging and printing, logo and etc. Our products have been exported to many countries and regions such as Europe, Russia, Asia Africa.

We are committed to the enterprise management philosophy "Integrity-based, constantly innovation, effective communication, quality services" and the goal of "Technical service customer” but also great attention to product design, manufacture, installation, adjustment. We will still try our best to maintain one-stop professional service.


Smarter Solution, Better Tomorrow.


If you want to learn more about our manufacturing capabilities, you can click on the avatar in the scene, or accept my invitation!



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Feedback About Our CNC machines

Now spindle cut perfect Happy new year for utech and thankyou for good support and bestmachine.
Now spindle cut perfect Happy new year for utech and thankyou for good support and bestmachine.
Now spindle cut perfect Happy new year for utech and thankyou for good support and bestmachine.
Now spindle cut perfect Happy new year for utech and thankyou for good support and bestmachine.


June 22, 2024

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines have revolutionized the manufacturing industry by providing precise and efficient machining capabilities. In recent years, these advanced CNC machines have also had a significant impact on the medical industry. From producing complex surgical instruments to manufacturing custom prostheses, CNC machines play a vital role in advancing medical technology.

June 19, 2024

​A CNC plasma cutter is a powerful tool that combines the precision of computer numerical control (CNC) with the efficiency of plasma cutting, providing a more efficient solution for the metal cutting industry. For beginners, setting up, debugging, and using a CNC plasma cutter can seem complicated. UTECH will simplify the process with clear steps and helpful tips.

June 15, 2024

Industrial CNC machines are an essential part of modern manufacturing processes, offering many advantages over traditional manual machining methods, revolutionizing the manufacturing industry and providing precise and efficient automation. These machines utilize computer programs to control the movement and operation of cutting tools, allowing for a highly accurate and efficient production process. But their high prices often leave business owners wondering why they are so expensive. In this article, UTECH will explore the key factors that contribute to the high cost of industrial CNC machines.

///UTECH" became the company's new logo, and the company's development philosophy "Smarter Solution, Better Tomorrow.

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