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When individuals think of CNC milling machines, the typical association is with cutting and engraving wood. However, CNC routers are also capable of working on materials such as aluminum, brass, and copper. While they might not match the efficiency of plasma and fiber laser technologies for processing metals, CNC mills can still execute projects with these materials.

Why Opt for A CNC Mill to Cut Metal?

There are several reasons. Firstly, if you already possess a CNC machine, utilizing it for metal cutting saves the expense of acquiring an entirely new machine. Secondly, budget constraints might limit the purchase of a dedicated metal cutting machine, and thirdly, space limitations in your workshop could prevent accommodating multiple machines.

Therefore, if budget or space constraints hinder the use of two machines, consider investing in a UTECH CNC metal router machine. This single CNC machine tool can efficiently handle both metallic and non-metallic material processing. UTECH offers a wide array of CNC machines, including 3-axis CNC routers, 4-axis CNC router machines, ATC CNC router machines, CCD CNC routers, oscillating knife CNC cutting machines, laser cutting machines, plasma cutting machines, and more. Feel free to consult us for further information!

How to Cut Aluminum on A CNC Metal Router

Firstly, ensuring the secure fixation of the part is crucial. Adequate vacuum or a reliable clamping system is essential due to the increased rotational force required for metal processing. Another critical aspect is selecting the right tooling for the task at hand. For instance, if you're machining 3mm aluminum, the tool's length is pivotal. If it's too short, it won't cut through; if too long, it will flex, leading to an undesired finish. Tools such as the XGDA cutter range by CEC are suitable for this purpose.

When cutting metal on a CNC, both the cutters and the material generate considerable heat. While dry cutting is feasible, using a tooling lubricant not only produces a superior finish but also prolongs tool life, reducing overall costs.

By ensuring proper fixation, selecting appropriate tooling, and employing lubricants, you can efficiently produce metal parts on your CNC router in no time.

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