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3 Axis CNC Router


The UTECH 3-axis CNC router machine stands as a commonly used CNC equipment. It utilizes an X, Y, and Z three-axis motion control system, enabling precise control over operations in three directions. The high-precision movement and positioning capability make it suitable for handling various complex processing tasks.

This CNC router features a solid steel frame structure, resistant to deformation, and is equipped with a high-precision 4hp/6hp high-frequency spindle. The machine incorporates a high-speed 3-axis motion controller with DSP remote control and a user-friendly operating interface, ensuring ease of use for operators, allowing them to quickly get accustomed to the machine.

The versatility of this CNC engraving machine allows its application across diverse industries:

  • Construction Industry: Used for architectural decorative elements, cabinets, doors, facades, curtain walls, columns, and railings.

  • Signage and Advertising Industry: Suitable for indoor/outdoor signs, engravings, reliefs, and 3D letters.

  • Modeling and Prototyping Industry: Offers capabilities for modeling and prototyping tasks.

  • Plastics and Composites Industry: Works with materials like ACP, ACM, solid surface materials, etc.

  • Non-ferrous Metals and Shipbuilding Industry: Used for various applications in these sectors.

UTECH's three-axis CNC milling machines significantly enhance industry productivity and efficiency, providing robust support across different sectors. We also offer a variety of other CNC equipment, including 4-axis CNC routers, CNC wood routers, CNC metal router machines, ATC CNC router machines, and more. Contact us today to discover more about our offerings.

///UTECH" became the company's new logo, and the company's development philosophy "Smarter Solution, Better Tomorrow.

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