Professional Aluminum ATC CNC Router For Wood
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Professional Aluminum ATC CNC Router For Wood

UTECH 3 Axis 1325 ATC 3D CNC Router On Promotion Top Selling CNC Machine Price List For Wood
Working Table Size:
Spindle Motor Power:
Table Surface:
  • M3000S


  • M3000S

UTECH Professional Aluminum ATC CNC Router For Wood


Main Features:

1.Stable Structure: the overall steel structure welded, the vibration (tempering) aging treatment, long-term use of no deformation.
2.Machine adopts NK105G3 handle controller control system,high-performance industrial control system ,which has the excellent and stable quality, good maintenance and can control to process the completion of the multi-level 3D sculpture,with fast and smooth three-dimensional processing, carving and cutting.
3.The linear guide rail adopts Taiwan Hiwin 25mm linear square orbit, double row and four ball slider, loading capacity, smooth running, keeping high accuracy.
4.The machine worktable adopts the international leader vacuum technology, surface density, deformation, high adsorption capacity,which can strongly absorb different materials, convenient maintenance.  automatic lubrication, only need to hand gently press can achieve the whole machine maintenance.
5.The software compatibility: compatible type3/castmate/artcam/ Wentai/Mastercame and other design software.

Appliable fields:

Mainly used for relief processing, wood door, cabinets, kitchen utensils, chairs, decoration business, mould industry, wood panel, , wave board processing, MDF sheet carving,screen, calligraphy tablet design, wood furniture, computer tables, and so on.

Wood working: Solid wave board process,door of cabinet,wooden door,artistic wooden door ,no-paint door, avoid wind, process of the artistic window,shoes cleaning machine,the cabinet of the playing machine and the board,mahjong table, computer table and the assistant process of the household effect
Advertising: Advertising board,Label design,Acrylic cutting,model, of the multi material decoration products.
Model industry: It can engrave on the steal materials such as copper, aluminum ,iron etc and non-mental materials such as man-made marble, sand, plastic board PVC materials, wood board etc.
Other field: It can engrave many image, engrossment,It is widely used in artistic industry.

atc appilication

Parts of the machine can do some changes as your requirement:

Motor (stepper or sever motor)
Spindle ( air-cooling or water-cooling spindle)
Guide rail (round guide rail or square guide rail)
The table of the machine (Vacuum table, T-slot table, Combination of Vacuum table & T-slot table, normal table, table moving)
X,Y,Z Working Area
1300*2500*200mm 2000*3000*200mm(customizable)
X,Y,Z Traveling Positioning Accuracy
Table Surface
T-slot and Vacuum Working Table
New type thicker and bigger heavy duty welded frame and gantry
X, Y Structure
Helical Rack gear, Taiwan PMI Rail Linear Rail
Z Structure
Taiwan TBI Ball Screw, Taiwan PMI Rail Linear Rail
9kw air cooling spindle
Spindle Speed
Drive Motors
Ledshine stepper motor
Taiwan DELTA
Lubrication system
Manual lubrication system
Working Voltage
AC380V, 3Ph, 50Hz (Option: 220V)
Control box
Single-sided indenpended control box
Dust collector
3kw Double Bags + Pump + Pipe

ATC CNC Router


1. Packing wooden case is after fumigation treatment. Needn’t timber inspection,saving shipping time.
2. All the spare parts of the machine were covered by some soft materials, mainly avoiding all damages that could happen in the delivery process.Then we’ll covered plastic wrap out it tightly,make sure intact of the covered soft materials,also avoiding Waterproof and rust proof.
3. The outmost is wooden case with fixed formwork.
4. The bottom of the wooden case has firm iron jack, convenient to handling and transport.


Shandong U-May CNC Technology Co., Ltd. provides one-stop service, including design, installation, training, commissioning, maintenance and consulting. We pursue people oriented management tenet providing staff with a broad development platform, and constantly improving the company evaluation system, incentive mechanism and training system. We always emphasize on research and development. Adhering to the spirit of innovation, we will never stop to develop our own brand and new products. Your satisfaction is always what we pursue. With the expanded market, we sincerely hope to cooperate with customers from all over the world. All parts of the machine can be upgraded or changed. Please tell us your material and size. We will customize the most suitable machine for you.



Easily cut aluminium on a CNC Router with the right tooling.

When people mention CNC routers, most of us would think about cutting and engraving wood on a machine like this.  However, CNC routers are also used for materials such as aluminium, brass and copper. Whilst they will never be as efficient at processing metals when you compare them with Plasma and fibre laser technology, they can still produce projects out of these materials.So why would you use a CNC router to cut metal?

Firstly if you already have a CNC machine, it would save you the cost of purchasing a whole new machine.  

Secondly, you may not have the budget to purchase another dedicated metal cutting machine to process your material, lastly, it could also be a case of not having the extra space in the workshop to have both machines.How do you cut aluminium on a CNC router?Firstly you have to make sure the part will be secure so having an adequate vacuum or a clamping system would be a must. This is due to the higher amounts of rotational force required to process metals.

Another important part of the process is getting your tooling right for the job in hand, for example, if you are processing 3mm aluminium you need a tool that will be able to cut through (the tool length is imperative), too short it won’t cut through but equally too long the tool will flex and you won’t get the desired finish.

When cutting metal objects on a CNC the cutters and material also produce a fair bit of heat.  You can dry cut but you will get a much better finish if you use a tooling lubricant that not only helps produce the best finish but also extends the life of your tooling, thus saving on costs. If you get all of the above correct, you will be producing metal parts in no time on your CNC router.

///UTECH" became the company's new logo, and the company's development philosophy "Smarter Solution, Better Tomorrow.

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