Professional Oscillating Tangential Knife ATC Cnc Router for Wood Cutting
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Professional Oscillating Tangential Knife ATC Cnc Router for Wood Cutting

Strong and thick wood and a variety of materials can be cut accurately and quickly.
Control system:
Motor and driver:
Table Surface:
Oscillating knife:
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Oscillating tangential knife cnc foam cutting machine 1325 cnc router


UTECH Professional Oscillating Tangential Knife ATC Cnc Router for Wood Cutting is an innovative wood cutting equipment that combines vibrating knife cutting technology and automatic tool changing functions to provide an efficient and precise solution for wood processing. UTECH Professional Oscillating Tangential Knife ATC Cnc Router for Wood Cutting are capable of a variety of cutting tasks, from simple plane cutting to complex curve and contour cutting. Our machine has a vibrating knife cutting function and a CCD visual positioning system. Vibrating knife cutting has the advantages of small cutting force, low cutting heat, easy chip removal, high workpiece surface quality, stable processing, and high production efficiency. In addition to the EOT-3 vibrating knife that can cut a variety of soft materials and the CCD visual positioning system for automatic edge tracking, the machine tool also supports CNC milling machine functions. Our CNC machines can be used to cut sealants, carbon fiber, corrugated board/cardboard, leather and cork, tissue and film, rigid foam board, carpet, rubber.

ATC CNC Router details

Can be Customized
Working area
Can be Customized
Working Voltage
220V/380V, 3PHASE, 50HZ (can be customized)
Control System
UTECH-Knife V5.5.0 Visual Positioning Cutting&Engraving Control System
Control box
Independent 1.8m high control box
Oscillating knife
Germany ECOCAM EOT-3
Visual system
CCD camera for tracing-edge
UTECH 9kw water cooled taper spindle(according to your work)
Spindle speed
Motor and Driver
JMC hybrid servo motor&driver (Leadshine/YASKAWA/Delta/Panasonic servo are optional)
11kw Xinfutai inverter 
The bed is made of high-rigidity rectangular steel pipe welded and optimized dragnet 
structure, aging treatment to ensure the precision of the bed.
Table surface
T-slot and Vacuum Working Table with 9 Zones
Lubrication system
Automatic lubrication system
Tool sensor
Mist cooling sprayer
Automatic oil mist cooling sprayer(if you process metal)
X,Y Axis: 1.25M Helical rack, Taiwan Hiwin/PMI 25# Rail Linear Bearing.
Z Axis: Taiwan Hiwin/PMI/ABBA Rail 25# Linear Bearing & Taiwan TBI Ball Screw
Whole machine with Japan SHIMPO reducer 1:5 or 1:10
Vacuum pump
5.5kw Water circulation vacuum pump (220V, 3PHASE, 50HZ)
Dust Collector
Binocular or monocular dust collector(220V/380V)
Machining Accuracy
Repositioning Resolution
Command language
G Code
According to your reference.
Leather, Carpet, Carton, Wood, MDF, PVC, Acrylic, Carboard, Rubber, Corrugated box, 
Foam, Leather strip.

Main Characteristics of UTECH Oscillating Knife CNC Cutter+CCD Visual System

1.The bed is made of high-rigidity rectangular steel pipe welded and optimized dragnet structure, aging treatment to ensure the precision of the bed. 

2.Double heads device--spindle and oscillating knife, can be cut according to different materials.  After many improved tests, we update machine, now machine only have one Z axis for spindle and oscillating knife, it’s integrated together to share one z-axis motor&drive, and doesn’t need another set of motor&driver to control the z-axis of oscillating knife separately. 

3.Excellent visual positioning system, one-click cutout and one-click start processing, free of typesetting&cutout time, improve processing efficiency. Equipped with professional 1.5 megapixel industrial camera, powerful image recognition, more accurate cutting. 

4.Oscillating knife head can be processed and tracing-edge cutting according to different materials, the material dust-free and without raw edge. 

 5.CCD: Tracing-edge cutting for different materials, KT board, PVC, photo paper to achieve no burr cutting. 

6.Transmission model adopt precision reducer match with brand gear rack, large torque, low noise and high transmission precision accuracy. 

7.Machine supports DXF, JPG, PNG, NC and other formats, not only with automatic tracing-edge, but also support the function of CNC router.


 * Advertising industry:
Acrylic cutting, density board cutting, snowflake cutting, double color board carving, various advertising boards.
* Furniture industry:
Cabinet doors, wooden doors, solid wood, mahogany furniture, antique furniture, all kinds of composite sheet cutting carving.
* Plate processing industry:
Insulation board, plastic work piece, PCB board, anti-double board, epoxy resin, ABS, PP, PE and other carbon mixtures.
* Crafts industry:
Artificial marble, PVC, wood, plexiglass, copper aluminum and so on.
* Decoration industry:
The screen, wave plate, wood, artificial marble, organic board, decorative board, double color board and other.



1. Can I get a machine according to my requirements?

certainly. We accept OEM and ODM as your requirements.

2. I am a new machine operator. Do you provide training?

Yes. Free training courses available at our facility or online. We will shoot more teaching videos for you and can also control remotely. Most importantly, if you need it, we can provide technicians for on-site training and on-site teaching. If you are willing, you are welcome to visit our company and you can operate and learn your machine personally.

3. My machine is broken. Can you fix it for me?

Yes. The whole machine has a one-year warranty, and within one year, if any part is damaged, you can send it back to us and we will send you a new one.

4. How is the quality of your machines?

Our machines use heavy-duty lathes, and each part is processed by a CNC machining center, which greatly improves the accuracy of machine operation. The machine is of good quality and has a long service life.

5: How long is the delivery time of this CNC milling machine?

For standard machines, it will take 7-15 days; for non-standard machines and machines customized according to customer's specific requirements, it will be 15 to 30 days.

7: What should I do if there is a problem with this CNC milling machine during the warranty period?

If there is a problem with the machine, we will provide parts for free during the machine warranty period. After the warranty period, when you need to replace wearing parts, we will provide you with wearing parts at an agency price.

///UTECH" became the company's new logo, and the company's development philosophy "Smarter Solution, Better Tomorrow.

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