Cnc Machines 3d With CCD PVC Wood Acrylic 1325 Machine CNC Cutting Machine Router
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Cnc Machines 3d With CCD PVC Wood Acrylic 1325 Machine CNC Cutting Machine Router

CCD control system, one-key extraction of contours, simple and convenient operation. Tracing-edge cutting for different materials, such as KT board, PVC, photo paper to achieve no burr cutting. Equipped with professional 1.5 million pixels industrial camera, powerful image recognition, more accurate cutting.
Working Table Size:
Travel speed:
  • UT-1325CCD


Cnc Machines 3d With CCD PVC Wood Acrylic 1325 Machine CNC Cutting Machine Router

This kind of machine belong to UTECH SOFIA Series, named Automatic Edge Contour Searching Machine (CCD CNC Router), standard machine with 1325 working size, Vacuum table+T-slot table, 4.5kw air cooled spindle/5.5kw water cooled spindle, etc.

Standard machine details:

(1) Working area: 1300*2500*200mm
(2) Spindle: 4.5kw air cooled spindle
(3) Control system: Xingduowei controller (multifunctional, support spindle, CCD, oscillating knife, etc.)
(4) Drive system: Leadshine/JMC hybrid motor&driver+Japan SHIMPO reducer 1:5*3
(5) Transmission: 1.25M helical gear rack transmission+TBI ball screw
(6) Whole machine with PMI linear guide rail+Flange slider
(7) French Schneider original electronic components.
(8) Table: Vacuum table+T-slot table
(9) Dust collector

According to your material and thickness, we'll share proper sugestions with you, machine design and configurations all could be customized.

If you dont know how to choose a proper machine for yourself or your customer, just tell me your main industry, material and thickness. UTECH team will provide all things with you.


                            Standard Information of SOFIA CCD CNC Router Machine



             Working area

X axis

Y axis
Z axis



         Transmission device

X axis transmission method
1.25M helical rack gear transmission
Y axis transmission method
1.25M helical rack gear transmission
Z axis transmission method
Taiwan TBI ball screw 2005
         Table structure
T-slot&Vacuum table+Clamp device+Vacuum pump
         Travel speed
        Max. Power Consumption
(Without Spindle) 5.5kw
        Spindle power
4.5kw air spindle+ER32 cutter
        Spindle speed
        Diameter of cutter
        Drive Motors
Hybrid servo motor&driver+Reducer structure
        Command code
hPGL G-code
        Device interface
Standard PCI/USB interface Optional
        Control system
Xingduowei/Multech controller
Running Environment Temperature 0 - 45 Centigrade
       Relative Humidity 30% - 75%

Features of SOFIA CCD CNC Router:

1. Adopt heavy-duty lathe bed, square pipe welded, side hanging structure, heavy column, 150*200mm gantry, ensure the overall operation stability of the equipment.
2. The transmission model adopts a precision reducer match with brand gear rack, large torque, low noise, and high transmission precision accuracy.
3. Single system control, eliminating the switching system of the second boot, save time and effort.
4. Tracing-edge cutting for different materials, KT board, PVC, photo paper to achieve no burr cutting.
5. Equipped with a professional 1.5-megapixel industrial camera, powerful image recognition, more accurate cutting.
6. The machine supports DXF, JPG, PNG, NC, and other formats, not only with automatic tracing-edge but also support the function of the CNC router.


Standard machine structure:

1) Spindle+CCD Camera

Equipped with a professional 1.5-megapixel industrial camera, powerful image recognition, more accurate cutting.

2) Z axis metal plate
First, For the choice of hand piece, we choose T6061/6063 aviation aluminum alloy as the base material. Through the precision processing of CNC Processing Center, we finished our finished parts. Second, the high requirement assembly process ensures the precision of the product.

3) CNC-Couter CNC system
The system can directly support JPG, DXF, AI, PLT and other files. By adding Mark points to the file, the positioning and offset calculation of the machining graphics can be performed during the machining process, and the micro-repair can be improved. quality. The system can generate G code files from the appeal file and view, simulate and process them. The system can simulate, view, dynamically track display, view file line number, line number processing, power off and other functions for G code files, which is convenient for users.
The system is used with a variety of three engraving machines, suitable for a variety of complex advertising cutting, woodworking and other industries.

4) Z-axis Transmission Way.
TBI High-Precision Ball-screw Transmission (Taiwan)
1. Higher efficiency than traditional ball screws.
2. Gothic groove shape, the shaft direction clearance can be adjusted to a minimum and can be easily transferred.
3. The internal circulation method is applicable to many different scenes, and the circulation method is selected according to its own needs.
4. Use rigorous materials, high heat treatment and processing technology to supply durable products.

5) X Y axis transmission method
XY axis by precision 1.25 module helical rack gear.
Helical teeth gears provide continuous engagement along the tooth length and are often quieter and more efficient than straight tooth gears and also offer higher loading for same rack width. Helical tooth gears resemble spur gears in the plane of rotation but include teeth that are twisted along a helical path in the axial direction.

6) Rail guide
Whole machine with PMI Linear guide+high assembly Flange slider.
1. High positioning accuracy, high repeatability.
2. Low frictional resistance, high precision maintained for the long period.
3. High rigidity with four-way load design.
4. Suitable for high-speed operation.

5. Easy installation with interchangeability.

7) Japan SHIMPO gear reducer+JMC/Leadshine hybrid motor&driver
Due to machine with servo motor&driver, then we add Japan SHIMPO 1:5 gear reducer install on the driving motor, makes the motor is more powerful, and having a longer time service life.
The servo motors are installed on all axis to ensure precise positioning of the gantry and the spindle in accordance with a predetermined program at high speed. Hybrid servo or JMC hybrid servo motors are well proven high degree of reliability.

8) Anodized Aluminum Spindle Fixing plate
The spindle is fixed on the high quality aviation aluminum T6061/6063 plate, and it is Anodized Aluminum processing, the plate is machined by high precision CNC machining center.
With strong structure, thickness of 30mm.

9) Vacuum table+T-slot table
This type machine could add 16 adsorption holes, Increase suction skills.
Like you mentioned “the size of the materials is very hectic, it could be for example 150x150mm, and could be 2450x2060mm, with hectic cut depths”, there're some small adsorption zone, when you process mini materials, then could open one or more adsorption zone, then can adsorb materials very well.
Unique bakelite plate vacuum table and T-slot table can be sucked and clipped, with four zones independent control.
Vacuum table is with multi zones, which allows the operator to switch from full sheet processing to smaller part processing. Every vacuum zone is controlled by separated valves on the front of machine, and whole vacuum zones are with one general valves to control.

10) Famous electrical components.
Adopt import electron component, such as French Schneider original electronic components.
CNC electronics are a vital part of any CNC machine. Aside from the Motors and CNC controllers, There are many electronic components that assist in the machine operation.
Many people feel more threatened by electrical components than the mechanics of a machine. we create a fully working machine.

11) Vacuum Pump
According to your local place's voltage, we'll provide proper power vacuum pump for you.
Vaccum table need to combine with vacuum pump. Wihout it, vacuum table can not work. Vacuum pump is mainly through taking the air away between the workpiece and the table surface, form a negative pressure to achieve the purpose of the workpiece firmly fixed on the table.

12) Automatic oil lubrication system
Low noise, high efficiency and simple operation.Suitable for lubrication of machine tools, engraving machines, gear, rack, guide rail, etc., no manual operation, timed and quantitative automatic lubrication.

13) Oil mist cooling system
SOFIA series machine is equipped with a simple oil mist cooling system, when you process metal materials, such as aluminum cutting, it could help you cooling cutter and materials, to avoid metal friction to produce a large amount of heat damage tool and material.

14) Tool sensor
This device takes the guesswork out of tool changes and ensures that every tool path that you run is accurate. Consistent Z height across tool changes is critical, especially when running multi-tool jobs like cabinet work, raised panel doors and intricate 3D carving projects.
CNC Tool Sensor allows for easy and accurate "Z" zero position for single and multiple tool changes through the program.

Application of SOFIA CCD CNC Router:

CCD control system, one-key extraction of contours, simple and convenient operation. Tracing-edge cutting for different materials, such as KT board, PVC, photo paper to achieve no burr cutting. Equipped with professional 1.5 million pixels industrial camera, powerful image recognition, more accurate cutting.


Packing and Delivery:


1/ If machine delivery via LCL, then would packed with wrapping film, EPE foam, and standard export plywood box.
2/ If machine delivery via FCL, then dont need wood box, would packed with warpping film and EPE foam.


We support machine delivery via express, air transportation, land transportation and sea transportation.
1/ Such as some small machine, Mini CNC Router or Small CO2 Laser Machine and Fiber Laser Marking Machine, usually delivery via
express and air transportation.
2/ If you wanna us help you delivery to domestic warehouse or Russia, Kazakhstan etc, usually delivery via land transportation.
3/ Large machine or some countries where shipping is more convenient, usually suggest choose sea transportation.
You can choose any way you'd prefer, we also will give you some proper suggestions.



1/ How will machine package?
------This machine's rotary axis be fixed on one side of lathe bed, container has limited of width, when package and delivery, need dismantle the 4th rotary axis, but dont worry, we sold many types machine similar as this, have enough experience to help you easy dismantle and assemble.

2/ What can the machine do?
------This kind of machine belong to our SOFIA series, it's suitable for advertising and woodwoking industry, most of materials, like wood, MDF, acrylic, aluminum, foam, PVC, plastic etc, all could be processed.
Machine's configurations and design could be customized. Optional parts like auto tool changer, oscillating knife, CCD camera, oil mist cooling system, water tank etc, all could be changed according to what you want. Just tell us your requirement.

3/ After machine arrived, if I dont know how to assemble and use, how can I do?
------Except specific machine, usually be installed already, you just need connect some wires, and some extra parts such as water pump, vacuum pump etc(if your machine has). About specific machine, such as 4th axis cnc, when we dismantle at our factory, we'll take video for you, and our design team also will make 360° video, for showing machine how to dismantle and assemble, then you'll know how you can do it. We also provide online and Tel help, usually if our customer meet some problem, we'll bulid a talking group via Whatsapp, Skype or Wechat with our designer, technical person, seller together, could solve problem quickly.

4/ If my parts are broken, how can I do?
------Whole machine has one year warranty. If some parts are broken, you can take a video for us, we'll help you check the problem, if cannot be solved, we'll send new one for you for replacement. If you buy our machine, about spare machine parts, we also give you an agent price.

///UTECH" became the company's new logo, and the company's development philosophy "Smarter Solution, Better Tomorrow.

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