4 Axis Atc Cnc Router For Furniture Wood Making With Rotary
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4 Axis Atc Cnc Router For Furniture Wood Making With Rotary

UTECH Wood PVC MDF cutting machine plywood moulding machine for kitchen door atc cnc router with rotary axis.
Spindle Motor Power:
X, Y axis transmission:
Z axis transmission:
Drive Motors:
Table Surface:
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  • Sofia-1325R

3D CNC router price/Wood cutting machine with rotary attached


The utech 4 Axis Atc Cnc Router For Furniture Wood Making With Rotary is a high-end 4-axis CNC machine for woodworking applications. 4 Axis refers to the rotation of the CNC table (not the spindle rotation). We have equipped the machine tool with a high-precision metal water-cooled automatic tool-changing spindle motor, which not only ensures machining accuracy, but also reduces downtime and improves production efficiency. We are equipped with an excellent CNC machining system for the machine tool, which provides stability and easy operation. The operation can be completed with simple training. Precision reducer and imported rack are preferred, with high transmission precision, low noise, long life and good stability. The UTECH 4 Axis Atc Cnc Router For Furniture Wood Making With Rotary is a true four-axis CNC machine tool suitable for a variety of woodworking applications, capable of cutting, carving, carving and three-dimensional machining operations of wooden elements.


---Machine main parts:

Side hanging rotary shaft design

Side hanging structure is more stable than mesa structure, bearing better. Adjustable 2500mm processing length, there are

different specifications for buyers to choose from.SOFIA atc cnc router details


◆ Original imported linear guide rail/rack/ball screw with high precision, smooth transmission, long life and high transmission
◆ Control system fully open port, with strong compatibility and can be used for seamless docking with various software.
◆ The spindle has excellent industrial characteristics such as high precision and revolving speed, constant torque, strong
stability and long service life.
◆ Z axis transmission parts adopt aviation aluminum alloy T6061/6063, which are all made by professional precision machining
centers, with high precision.

Product name


X,Y,Z Working Area

1300*2500*200mm(or 1530/2030/2040 etc.)

X,Y,Z Traveling Positioning Accuracy


X,Y,Z Repositioning Accuracy


Table Surface

Vacuum Table+T-slot table

Vacuum Pump

Water/Air pump 7.5KW

X, Y axis transmission

1.25/1.5 module Xinyue gear rack

Z axis transmission

Taiwan TBI Ball Screw

Max. Traveling speed


Max. Working speed


Rail Configuration

Taiwan PMI MSA25-S square rail

Spindle Power

ATC metal type 7.5kw water cooling spindle(optional)

Spindle rotationg Speed


Drive Motors

Taiwan Delta servo motor and driver

Working Voltage


Operating System

NK105-G3 system(NK280, Weihong 95A optional)

Tool Storage Capacity

4 TOOLS(you can choose what you wanna use)

Software Compatibility

Type3 or Wentai (ArtCUT), or ArtCAM


Wooden case

Application Industry

It is a cnc router for general woodworking applications engineered to make door panels, Cabinetry, Exhibits and Fixtures, furniture, woodworking projects, complex 3-dimensional leg curve patterns, table or chair legs, cabriole, sculptures, 3d art, interior decoration, curved parallelogram shapes, signs, and more.

Applied Materials

Flat-working: Acrylic, MDF, ACM, Melamine, Phenolic, Plywood, HDPE, PVC, Solid Surface, Foam, Solid Wood, White expanded PVC, and more.

Rotary-working: Wood elements only.

4 axis cnc router application

Our service

1. one year warranty for the whole machine, within one year, if any part is damaged, you can send it back to us, then we will send you a new one.

2. Free training course in our factory or online.

3. After the warranty period, when you need to replace the wearing parts, we will provide the wearing parts at the agency price.

4. 24 hours a day online service and free technical support.

5.Before the machine is delivered, we will install all parts and test the machine for you. We will take the working video of the machine and photos of the machine for you to check, if we confirm that there is no problem, then we will deliver the machine. And if you don't remove the gantry (if the working area is larger than 1325, then you need to remove the machine gantry to put it into the container), when the machine arrives, you just need to connect the plasma power supply, software, and so on, which is easier for you. If you are worried, we can shoot an instructional video for you

at that time. By the way, we can also share the process with you during the production of the machine.

6. About training, first of all, we will shoot more teaching videos for you, and we can also control them remotely, and most importantly, we can provide our technicians for on-site training and on-site teaching if you need. If you want, you are welcome to visit us and you can operate and learn your machine yourself.

7. After the machine is shipped, I will prepare some documents such as bill of lading, packing list, commercial invoice, commercial contract and CE certificate to help you pick up the machine.

///UTECH" became the company's new logo, and the company's development philosophy "Smarter Solution, Better Tomorrow.

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