1325 Professional 3 Axis Cnc Router For Woodworking And Signage
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1325 Professional 3 Axis Cnc Router For Woodworking And Signage

UTECH SESAME 3 axis cnc engraving machine for advertising acrylic cnc cutting machine.
Working Table:
Table Structure:
Driving System:
Control system:


  • UT-1325


1325 advertising cnc router machines for signage


The SESAME CNC Router is a cost-effective and feature-rich CNC Router that opens many avenues for your business. The SESAME CNC Series is constructed with a heavy-duty thickened bed made from welded 200*300mm square tube, aside from hanging structure, heavy-duty column, and 150*200mm gantry. Industrial quality linear bearings with high precision rails on every axis give less rolling moment resistance which translates to more torque from the motors.


The SESAME CNC Series CNC router comes equipped with a 4.5kw Air-cooled spindle, ER25 collets, which much suitable for basic advertising and the woodworking industry. This machine is equipped with a handle controller, doesn't need to connect with a computer, the interface is simple and easy to operate, if you’re an entry-level user, it would be a good choice. The machine is equipped with a reducer structure, compared with the characteristics of the looseness, short life, and insignificant deceleration effect of the gear box and timing belt, the reducer has the advantages of low backlash, low noise, high strength, and accurate deceleration effect.


It's assembled by UTECH professional assembly team’s precision meter assembly to ensure that the repeat positioning accuracy is ±0.01mm, and the accuracy of returning to the machine origin is ±0.02mm.


The aluminum alloy T-shaped table is equipped with a patented clamping fixture, which is convenient for customers to disassemble and assemble materials. Optional vacuum adsorption table. If choose vacuum adsorption table, will be matched with T-slot table together, the adsorption table is made of A-grade hard PVC board to prevent deformation.

This ensures the table holds a strong suction and tight tolerances for precision cutting. The machine also can be equipped with a pneumatic roller. This attachment will effectively prevent materials from moving during the cut. For machining thin or small sheet materials that are not easily vacuumed.

lADPDh0cPtQV98bNAorNB4A_1920_650Performance parameters:


                          SESAME CNC Router





Support customized

Working area




any size



Table Surface

Vacuum/T-slot table OR Double table


Square pipe welding bed structure 200*300mm+150*200mm gantry

X, Y Structure

1.25M Helical gear rack transmission, Taiwan Linear Rail Guide

Z Structure

Taiwan TBI Ball Screw, Taiwan Linear Rail Guide

Spindle Power

4.5kw air cooled spindle+ER25 cutter

Spindle Speed


Drive Motors

JMC stepper motor and driver+UTECH patent typre reducer

Working Voltage


Command Language

G Code

Operating System

HD100 handle controller (DSP or Mach3 optional)

Computer Interface

Ethernet (or USB)

Dust Collector





Vectric Aspire/Type 3 /Artcam /Ucancam/JDPaint


It is suitable for mass processing of solid woods, MDF, Composite boards, Alucobond, PVC, Rigid plastics,Acrylic Sheets, Glass, Organic glass, Aluminum plates and other materials.

//Furniture Industry
they can be used to engrave Text, Pictures, Imagines on solid Wood doors, Composite gates, Cupboard 
doors, interior doors, sofa legs, headboards, antique furniture and other panel furniture. 
//Decoration Industry
They are applicable to engrave various decorative patterns on the surface of decorative paintings, screens, three-dimensional wave boards, and acoustic boards.
//Musical Instrument Industry
They are suitable to engrave decorative patterns on the head of musical instruments, or to process the semi-finished guitars. It also can make three dimensional curved surfaces.
//Mould Industry
They can make wood moulds, evaporated pattern casting moulds, food moulds, and other moulds.
//Craft Industry
They are used to engrave decorative patterns on relief craftworks, pendants, automobile accessories and other craftworks.
//Advertising Industry
They are applied to cut or engrave patterns on acrylic. It also can make acrylic adsorption moulds, 
chest cards and various label plates.


Main features:

1)Heavy-duty thickening of lathe bed, adopt 200*300mm square tube welding, side arranged structure, heavy column, 150*150mm gantry

2)4.5kw air cooling spindle motor
3)Nc-studio controller
4)JMC 860H driver+Patent type stepper reducer*3+450B stepper motor
5)GC HIWIN 20 linear guide+Flange slider
6)Precise 1.25 helical tooth rack
7)Patent type 1:4 reducer
8)Portable detached optimal design control box
9)Brand electrical components
10)Japan Omron limited switch
11)Dual fail-safe emergency stop switch
12)Homemade HRB bearing&Taiwan TBI ball screw
13)Forklift loading and unloading reserved place, better protection of the fuselage and cargo carrying weight
14)Lathe bed body and bed holder free separation, disassembly and delivery for saving shipping costs. 


///UTECH" became the company's new logo, and the company's development philosophy "Smarter Solution, Better Tomorrow.

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