Industrial Wood Portable Cnc Router For Furniture
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Industrial Wood Portable Cnc Router For Furniture

Sesame series cnc machine, which has detachable structure, can do woodworking and advertising easily.
Spindle Motor Power:
  • UT-1325


  • UT-1325

UTECH have two hot sale type cnc router, one is SOFIA Series, the other is SESAME Series. The following type is SESAME-S2 type, standard type with 4.5kw spindle, stepper motor&driver+UTECH patent type reducer, could improve the process speed. CCD, Oscillating knife, Auto tool changer, 4th rotary is optional.

Suitable for advertising and woodworking industry, acrylic, wood, plastic, foam, MDF, plywood, aluminum etc. If you dont know how to choose, weclome to ask us, we'll provide proper solution with you.


A CNC router is a computer-controlled cutting machine that is commonly used in woodworking, metalworking, and other fabrication applications. It operates based on instructions programmed into its computer system, allowing for precise and automated cutting, shaping, and carving of materials.

The basic functions of a CNC router include:

  1. Cutting: A CNC router can cut a wide range of materials such as wood, plastic, foam, and even metals. It can accurately follow programmed paths to cut out intricate shapes, patterns, and profiles.

  2. Carving and Engraving: The router is capable of creating detailed carvings and engravings on different surfaces. It can accurately replicate designs and produce intricate textures and patterns.

  3. Routing and Milling: With a rotating cutting tool, such as a router bit or an end mill, a CNC router can remove material by rotating and moving along multiple axes. This allows for precise routing, shaping, and milling operations on the workpiece.

  4. Drilling: A CNC router can accurately drill holes at specified locations and depths. It can perform single or multiple hole drilling operations, making it useful for tasks that require precise hole placement.

  5. Contouring and Profiling: By following programmed paths, a CNC router can create smooth and consistent contours and profiles on the workpiece. This capability is particularly valuable for producing curved or irregular shapes.

  6. Pocketing and Grooving: The router can create pockets and grooves by removing material from specific areas. This function is commonly used for creating recesses, channels, or joinery features in the workpiece.

  7. Surface Finishing: Many CNC routers have the ability to perform surface finishing operations, such as sanding or polishing. This helps to achieve a smooth and refined final product.

  8. Automation and Repetition: One of the key advantages of CNC routers is their ability to automate tasks and repeat them accurately. Once a design is programmed, the machine can reproduce it consistently, making it suitable for batch production or creating multiple identical parts.

In summary, a CNC router provides versatile and precise capabilities for cutting, carving, shaping, and drilling operations. It offers increased efficiency and accuracy compared to manual machining methods, making it a valuable tool in various industries.


Machine structure:
Serial number Structure Brand
1 Control System Nc-studio controller/Mach3 controller
2 Transmission system 1.25 modulus  precision gear rack and Taiwan TBI ball screw
3 Driving system JMC stepper driver+Patent type stepper reducer*3+stepper motor
4 Spindle motor 4.5KW air cooling spindle
5 Inverter Best inverter
6 Limit switch Japan Omron  limit switch
7 Rail guide Taiwan PMI linear guide+Flange Slider
8 Driver motor Leadshine 450B
9 Machine table Aluminum alloy T-slot table
10 Voltage 220v/380v 50Hz
11 Case/Cabinet Portable optimization design small sub-body independent control cabinet
12 Working area 1300*2500*180mm

SESAME Cnc Router's standard parts:


Standard Specifications:

1/ 1300*2500*180mm working size
2/ 4.5kw water cooled spindle
3/ Four sets stepper motor&driver, three sets reducer 1:4
4/ XY axis by gear rack transmission, Z axis by Taiwan TBI ball screw
5/ Whole machine by 20 Taiwan HIWIN rail guide
6/ T-slot table
7/ Nc-studuio controller


1/ DSP/Mach3 controller
2/ 3.2kw, 5.5kw, 6kw spindle (according to your work)
3/ Vacuum table+Vacuum pump
4/ Dust collector
5/ Servo motor&driver, SHIMPO reducer
6/ Automatic oil lubrication system

7/ Working size 1212, 1530, 2030, 2040 etc.


Furniture industry Ambry door, wood door, solid wood, annatto furniture, archaize furniture all kinds of compound plank cutting and engraving
Panel processing industry Insulation parts, plastic chemical parts, PCB, anti-double panel, epoxy resin, ABS, PP, PE and other carbon mixtures
Arts & Crafts  Artificial stone, PVC, wood, bamboo, marble, organic glass, copper aluminum etc
Decoration Industry The screen, wave plate, bamboo, marble, organic board, double color board and other materials on various fine patterns and the engraving of words


SESAME Cnc Router's advantages:


1.High Frequency Powerful spindle

The High quality SESAME series CNC Router machine comes with 4.5kw water or 3.2kw air cooled high frequency spindle. This precision spindle requires no maintenance, uses industry standard ER collects. Fully programmable speeds from 6000 to 24000RPM, and comes complete with pneumatically retractable vacuum hood.

2.Machine Base Frame 

The base frame is fabricated from heavy-duty tubular steel that is welded, precision machined and stress relieved so that the foundation remains true and steady over the operational life of the machine.

3.Anodized Aluminum Spindle Fixing plate

The spindle is fixed on the high quality aviation aluminum T6061/6063 plate, and it is Anodized Aluminum processing, the plate is machined by high precision CNC machining center.

4.Dust cover for the guide rail and the helical rack gear

The machine is designed with the dust cover for the guide rail and the helical rack and gear, to reduce friction, make the rail and the rack have longer service life.

5.Double Insurance Emergency Stop Button

There is double insurance emergency stop switch. In case of any emergency, the worker can press any emergency stop button and the machine will stop working.

6.TBI High-Precision Ball-screw Transmission (Taiwan)

1) Higher efficiency than traditional ball screws. 

2) Gothic groove shape, the shaft direction clearance can be adjusted to a minimum and can be easily transferred. 

3) The internal circulation method is applicable to many different scenes, and the circulation method is selected according to its own needs. 

4) Use rigorous materials, high heat treatment and processing technology to supply durable products.

7.Patent design 1:4 gear reducer + Stepper 450B driving motor
Patent design 1:4 gear reducer install on the driving motor, makes the motor is more powerful, and having a longer time service life.  The stepper motors are installed on all axes to ensure precise positioning of the gantry and the spindle in accordance with a predetermined program at high speed. Stepper motors are well proven high degree of reliability. The machine is installed 4 pieces of motors.

8.Hiwin/PMI square rail&High quality helical rack pinion

Sesame choose heavy duty linear guide rail with high assembly Flange sliding block and PMI linear guide. The Y-axis adopts double-row four-column guide rail, with strong bearing force, fast speed, smooth operation, high precision and high life span. Rack of Sesame adopts high-precision 1.25 helical rack, which is complementary with the professional motor and professional deceleration device, which runs smoothly, high speed, high precision and low noise. 

9.CNC Tool Sensor

This device takes the guesswork out of tool changes and ensures that every tool path that you run is accurate. Consistent Z height across tool changes is critical, especially when running multi-tool jobs like cabinet work, raised panel doors and intricate 3D
carving projects.

CNC Tool Sensor allows for easy and accurate "Z" zero position for single and multiple tool changes through the program.

10.Machine bed
Machine bed with 100 * 300mm square tube welded together, compared to ordinary machines, we use the square tube model can better reflect the stability of the equipment.
Machine gantry use 150*200mm square tube, wall thickness 8mm.

11.Control box

Control box has universal wheel, could moveable freely, we will reserve at least 2.5 meters of wire for customers to move the control cabinet. It is usually placed under the bed in front of the machine for easy use.


///UTECH" became the company's new logo, and the company's development philosophy "Smarter Solution, Better Tomorrow.

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