3D Wood Door Furniture Acrylic Crafts Art Woodworking Engraving Router CNC Machine
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3D Wood Door Furniture Acrylic Crafts Art Woodworking Engraving Router CNC Machine

1. The type of manual tool change UTECH 1325 3-axis Sofia A1 CNC router is very popular selling for beginner and experienced users, which can be widely used for carving wood, MDF, acrylic, aluminum, etc. Its structure is made of heavy-duty thicker steel square tube for durable use.
2. DSP A11 control with handle is easily operated. Brand of important spare parts adopts International famous brand for precision carving & convenient maintenance for buyers from different countries. It is the perfect choice for lots of buyers who need a cost-effective multifunctional woodworking CNC machine.
3. Transmission stand column
Transmission stand column, we adopt high precision machining process, to ensure the accuracy of accessories. Like, such as insert cavity position and assembly surface.
Workable size:
Working Table:
X, Y axis transmission:
Z axis transmission:
Control System:
  • SOFIA-A1



Machine Parameters:





Table Structure

T-slot table/Vacuum table/Roller

Spindle Motor

3.2KW Water-cooled Spindle Motor

Cooling System

Water pump


Best 4kw Inverter

Control System

RichAuto DSP A1/Xingduowei HD100 Handle controller


UTECH Patent 1:5 Reducer


XZ Axis by Taiwan Hiwin #20 linear rail guide, Y axis Axis by Taiwan Hiwin #25 linear rail guide

XY axis by 1.25M helical rack gear transmission, Z axis by Taiwan TBI ball screw transmission

Motor & Driver

Stepper motor and Driver

Lubrication System

Manual lubrication

Limit Switch

Limit Photoelectric Switch

Tool Sensor

Round Tool Sensor

Machine Show:

DSP A11 Handle Controller
It is easy to operate and learned, especially for the freshman, It doesn’t need to connect to a PC, you can set the toolpath by the software(Artcam or Type3 or others), then copy it to a U disk, then inset the U disk to control card, the toolpath will show in the hand controller, you can control the tool cut or engrave.


Tool Sensor
The tool sensor (Automatic tool calibration pad) allows easy and accurate “Z” zero position for single and multiple tools changes through the program. This can automatically measure the distance between the tool head and the material.


Taiwan TBI Ball Screw
1) The transmission efficiency is high.
2) High sensitivity. (No vibration, no crawling, synchronicity is good)
3) High positioning accuracy
4) Long service life
Use lubrication, maintenance is convenient and reliable.


Water Cooled Spindle
The water cooling spindle adopts a water cycle to cool the spindle, so the cooling effect is very good, with almost no noise, long life working.


Linear Rail Guide
The famous brand rail and guide manufacturer ensures equal force in all directions and accuracy and strength of the machine.


Stepper Motor &Driver
➨It is able to run at a wide range of speeds, including very slow speeds without reduced gearing.
➨Stepper motor provides an excellent response during start, stop and reverse mode.  
➨Stepper motor control circuit is simple and low cost. It is mainly used for low-power applications.



* Advertising industry:
Acrylic cutting, density board cutting, snowflake cutting, double color board carving, and various advertising boards.
* Furniture industry:
Cabinet doors, wooden doors, solid wood, mahogany furniture, antique furniture, and all kinds of composite sheet cutting carving.
* Plate processing industry:
Insulation board, plastic workpiece, PCB board, anti-double board, epoxy resin, ABS, PP, PE, and other carbon mixtures.
* Crafts industry:
Artificial marble, PVC, wood, plexiglass, copper aluminum, and so on.
* Decoration industry:
The screen, wave plate, wood, artificial marble, organic board, decorative board, double color board, and others.