Hot Sale in Year 2024 Automatic Tool Changer CNC Router Machine for Wood
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Hot Sale in Year 2024 Automatic Tool Changer CNC Router Machine for Wood

The machine is highly durable and stable, enabling precise engraving of every detail.
Working Area:
Table Surface:
Vacuum Pump:
X,Y axis Transmission:
Z axis Transmission:
Spindle Power:
Drive Motors:
  • Sofia ATC CNC Router


Hot Sale ATC CNC Router Machine for Wood

There is a row of knife clamps at the back of the atc machine, when you need to change the knife, the machine will automatically change the knife on the clamps and start working. Generally atc machine knife clamps are equipped with four knife positions. If there are special requirements, more knife positions can be added according to your needs. The automatic knife change function saves a lot of time and effort for the machine and the staff's work, which becomes one of the main reasons for its popularity. In addition, the Sofia series of tool changers are manufactured and assembled in specialized CNC factories, so they have a higher degree of precision and stability. Simple and beautiful appearance, the collision of blue and white color makes it the most special one among the machines you own.

CNC Router


Product Name ATC CNC Router
X Working Area 1300mm
Y Working Area 2500mm
Z Working Area 20mm
X, Y, Z Traveling Position Accuracy 0.02mm
X, Y, Z Repositioning Accuracy 0.02mm
Table Surface Vacuum Table+T-slot table
Vacuum Pump Water pump 7.5kw
X,Y axis Transmission 1.25 module Xinyue gear rack
Z axis Transmission  Taiwan TBI Ball Screw
Spindle Power ATC metal type 7.5kw water cooling spindle
Rotary Speed 0-24,000rpm
Drive Motors Taiwan Delta servo motor and driver
Working Voltage AC 380V/50Hz
Operating System NK105-G3 system
Tool Storage Capacity 4 Tools (optional)
Max. Traveling speed 60,000mm/min
Max Working speed 25,000mm/min
Rail Configuration Taiwan PMI MSA25-S square rail
Packing Wooden Case

Hot Sale ATC CNC Router Machine for Wood

>>>Automatic Tool Change

Machine can be fitted with an automatic tool change carousel type/linear tools type4,8 or even16 tool stations. It can be mounted in the gantry to minimise  teh tool change time

>>>Spindle Options 

Spindle power outputs frim 7.5kw to 11kw, a choice of manual or fully automatic tool change for specialist applications.

>>>Vacuum table

Vacuum zones allow you to turn on the valve. Arrange each zone's vacuum seal into the shape of the material to provide well-distributed suction.


Upload your design to NK105 G3 handle controller with a USB drive. Sensor compensates for the change in tool lengths. That change might seem tiny, but it makes a huge difference to the finished product.

>>>Automatic oil Lubrication system

Automatic lubricatior, there's an oilcan and timing indicator, you can set data for regulary lubricate screw and guide rail.

>>>Taiwan linear guide and rack transmission

Double dustproof structure, prevent debris from onto guide and rack, affect accuracy

Machine parts

Hot Sale ATC CNC Router Machine for Wood

>>>Advertising Industry

   Acrylic cutting                    Density board cutting

   Snowflake cutting              Double color board carving

   Various advertising boards

>>>Furniture Industry:

   Cabinet doors                    Wooden doors

   Solid wood                         Mahogany furniture

   Antique furniture               

   All kinds of composite sheet cutting carving

>>>Plate Processing Industry:

   Insulation board               Plastic work piece

   PCB board                        Anti-double board

   Epoxy resin                       ABS

   PP                                     PE 

   Other carbon mixtures

>>>Crafts Industry:

   Artificial marble              PVC

   Wood                             Plexiglass

   Copper                           Aluminum and so on

>>>Decoration Industry:

   The screen                      Wave plate

   Wood                              Artificial marble

   Organic board                Decorative board

   Double color board and other


Hot Sale ATC CNC Router Machine for Wood


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