Metal Engraving Cnc Router Machine For Sale
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Metal Engraving Cnc Router Machine For Sale

Sesame series cnc machine, which has detachable structure, can do woodworking and advertising easily.
Spindle Motor Power:
  • UT-1325


  • UT-1325

SESAME Cnc Router's characteristics

SESAME series have distinctive designs for international market, highly visual impact. We have already owned the patent of appearance design and other multiple from China.

  • Save the shipping costs.

  • Very convenient for loading and unloading goods.

  • The whole machine assembly process is upgraded.


Machine legs and machine body could be separated freely, could save some space and shipping freight, before package, customer could choose dismantle or not, also easy to install, if dismantle, we'll take video for showing how to dismantle and assemble.

A 20GP container could pack six sets SESAME 1325.

sesame cnc machine

Working area
X axis travel
Y axis travel
Z axis travel
Transmission device  
X axis transmission mode
precision helical tooth gear transmission
Y axis transmission mode
precision helical tooth gear transmission
Z axis transmission mode
precision TBI ball screw
Table structure
T-slot table
Travel speed
Driving mode
patent stepper reducer structure
Spindle power
4.5KW Water/Air cooled spindle motor
Spindle speed
Diameter of cutter
Command code
hPGL G-code
Working voltage
AC220V/Hz Or 380V
Device interface
standard PCI/USB interface Optional
Control system
Nc-studio controller/DSP controller/Mach3 controller
Machine size
Machine weight
Optional parts
machining parts, Utech spindle, etc.
The scope of application
woodworking, furniture, advertising, etc.

SESAME Cnc Router's standard parts:


1. Leg Removable Frame

2. 4.5kw air cooled spindle+ER25 cutter, cutting thick materials, also is easy.(optional)

3. Machine Base Frame

4. Anodized Aluminum Spindle Fixing plate(Z axis)

5. Dust cover for the guide rail and the helical rack gear

6. TBI High-Precision Ball-screw Transmission (Taiwan)

7. Patent design 1:4 gear reducer + Stepper 450B driving motor

8. Hiwin/PMI square rail&High quality helical rack pinion

9. CNC Tool Sensor

SESAME Cnc Router's advantages:


1. Machine bed
Machine bed with 200 * 300mm square tube welded together, compared to ordinary machines, we use the square tube model can better reflect the stability of the equipment.

2. Reserved Position for Forklift
Bed welding process increases the reserved forklift, highlights two major advantages: First, increase the strength of the bed itself; Second, it`s more convenient for customers to load or unload the equipment.

3. Transmission stand column
Transmission stand column, we adopt high precision machining process, ensure the accuracy of accessories. Like insert cavity position, assembly surface.

4. SESAME machine head
First, For the choice of hand piece, we choose T6061/6063 aviation aluminum alloy as the base material. Through the precision processing of CNC Processing Center, we finished our finished parts. Second, the high requirement assembly process ensures the precision of the product.

5. Unpacking saves transportation costs+Patent design transmission structure.

6. Optimize the design structure to facilitate the customer fork handling equipment, reserved for forklift special seats.

7. SESEMA adopt portable optimized design small separate control cabinet.

///UTECH" became the company's new logo, and the company's development philosophy "Smarter Solution, Better Tomorrow.

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