Heavy Duty ATC Cnc Router
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Heavy Duty ATC Cnc Router

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The Heavy Duty ATC (Automatic Tool Change) CNC Router is a robust and advanced piece of equipment designed for high-volume and precision manufacturing environments. This type of CNC router is equipped with an automatic tool changer, which significantly enhances productivity by reducing tool changeover times and enabling uninterrupted machining processes.

Characteristics of Heavy Duty ATC CNC Routers

  1. Automatic Tool Changing System: Features a carousel or turret that holds multiple tool types, allowing the machine to automatically switch between tools during operations without manual intervention.

  2. High Rigidity and Stability: Constructed with heavy-duty materials and engineering to withstand rigorous use, making it ideal for cutting hard materials like metals in addition to wood and composites.

  3. Precision Machining: Equipped with high-precision components such as servo motors and ball screws that ensure accuracy in detailed milling tasks.

  4. Enhanced Safety Features: Includes advanced safety systems like emergency stops, shield guards, and software controls to protect operators during high-speed operations.

  5. Scalability: Designed to handle large-scale projects due to its expansive working area, making it suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.ATC-CNC-Router-in-Operation

Application Areas

  • Woodworking: Ideal for furniture making, cabinetry, and other wood crafts requiring intricate detailing.

  • Metal Fabrication: Used in creating automotive components, aerospace parts, and other metal works.

  • Plastics and Composites: Suitable for cutting synthetic materials used in various commercial products.

  • Sign Making: Produces sharp, clean cuts needed for high-quality signage from diverse materials.

Technical Specifications Table

Specification Description Typical Value
Working Area Maximum size of material that can be processed 2000mm x 3000mm
Spindle Power Power rating of the main cutting tool 9 kW
Tool Magazine Capacity Number of tools the machine can hold 8 - 12 tools
Positional Accuracy Ability to maintain positional integrity ±0.02mm
Maximum Speed Maximum operational speed 80 meters per minute


The Heavy Duty ATC CNC Router stands out as an essential tool in modern manufacturing setups requiring both flexibility and precision. Its robust design coupled with advanced technological features ensures it meets the needs across various industries such as furniture making, automotive manufacturing, aerospace engineering, and signage production. By integrating this powerful machine into their operations, businesses can significantly enhance productivity while maintaining high standards of quality and efficiency.

Patent Certificate​​​​​​​

CNC Router Application
CNC Router machines are important tools for automating production processes, including cutting, grinding, milling, drilling, engraving and other operations that can be performed using motor-driven tools. These processes are typically subtractive, meaning they cut into the material being processed and reduce its mass.
Sign Making
Woodworking industry
Decoration industry
Modeling and Prototyping​​​​​​​
Sign-making with a CNC router is a popular and efficient way to create professional-looking signage for various uses. Whether you're making a small 2D project or a more complex 3D signage assembly, CNC machines can get work done faster and cleaner.​​​​​​​
Woodworking manufacturing is one of the most common uses of CNC machine tools, whether used to produce custom or more standardized parts. Complex woodworking designs can be easily realized using 2D, 3D, and 4-axis capabilities to create elegant, smooth, and flawless finishes.
CNC router machines are perfect for decoration as well as exhibitions utilizing a wide assortment of materials including Acrylic, two-color board, PVC, ABS board, aluminum board, two-color portrait, three-dimensional advertising, all kinds of standard, badge, coordinate card, copper, font, font, all kinds of logos, trademarks.
Prototyping and 3D modeling are very important tasks for CNC router machines. CNC router machines are complete solutions for producing plastic, wood, foam, and aluminum models. You'll be able to reduce man-hours, increase efficiency, and become more competitive in the prototyping and 3D modeling market.


  • Q How Much Does it Cost to Ship a CNC Machine?

    A Your shipping costs depend on origin, destination, value of the CNC machine being shipped, service, packaging weight, dimensions, delivery time and some unexpected considerations. We provide you with the most perfect packaging solutions to reduce packaging volume and transportation costs. Before loading, UTECH engineers develop a loading plan to load more cargo. To find out how much shipping will cost for your UTECH CNC machine, please let us know.
  • Q Do You Offer Free Training for CNC Machines?

    A UTECH technical support is designed to help you get the most out of your machine. Various technical documents and installation videos are stored on the USB flash drive and are shipped with the device. Our technical experts can provide online remote assistance and training, and can contact UTECH technical support experts for real-time remote diagnosis. Door-to-door service is also provided.
  • Q Do You Provide Service & Support for CNC Machines?

    A UTECH provides free consultationbusiness solutionsquotations and sales services for the machines and accessories soldprovides technical support for the transportationsalesinstallationdebuggingoperation and maintenance of the machines soldand provides lifelong software installationdebugging and maintenance services
  • Q How about UTECH Abilities?

    UTECH provides businesses and hobbyists with the best CNC machines at the best prices. By focusing on unparalleled customer service and high-quality Chinese-made products, we have grown from a single domestic machine tool to one of the most trusted CNC machine tool manufacturers in the country.
    Since building our first machine 7 years ago, we now have over 5,100 CNC milling machines, CNC plasma and laser engraving machines in a variety of industries in over 30 countries. 
  • Q Are you a factory or trading company?

    A Established in 2014, with its own factory, independent R&D capability and professional aftersales technical department support, UTECH is a professional CNC machine tool manufacturer and supplier, providing CNC machine tools with excellent quality and competitive price.

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