ATC Wood CNC Router Woodworking Machinery with 8-12 Pieces Tools
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ATC Wood CNC Router Woodworking Machinery with 8-12 Pieces Tools

Realize automatic tool change, reduce manual intervention, and reduce operating difficulty.
Cutting Area:
X, Y axis transmission:
Table structure:


SESAME ATC Wood CNC Router Woodworking Machinery with 8-12 Pieces Tools

The UTECH ATC Wood CNC Router Woodworking Machinery with 8-12 Pieces Tools is a powerful and versatile machine tool that can handle a variety of CNC milling tasks. The machine is equipped with an automatic tool changer that can switch cutting tools quickly and easily, improving efficiency and productivity. Whether you are a professional woodworker or a manufacturer, the industrial ATC CNC mill is an excellent choice for your CNC routing needs. This automatic tool-changing CNC milling machine is designed for typesetting applications on wood and wooden materials, but is also suitable for processing plastic and non-ferrous materials.

2240 ATC CNC Router

Product Details                                                                                                                              

woodworking cnc machine

9kw HQD ATC Air Cooled Spindle (HSD is optional)

High precision 9kw air cooling ATC spindle motor, after twice dynamic balance precision testing, can ensure the machining accuracy. Is equipped with an ISO30 tool holder and ER32 collect, programmable speeds of up to 24,000 RPM.

9kw HQD air cooled spindle

Automatic Tool Calibrater

The equipment with the tool calibrater can automatically set the offset value of the tool to the workpiece coordinate system after the tool setting, so that the workpiece coordinate system can be automatically established. In this way, the setting of the workpiece coordinate value can be easily realized. It can be said that the use of the tool setting instrument not only saves time, but also improves efficiency.

automatic tool calibrater

Carousel automatic tool changer

According to the different needs of different customers, there’re different tool magazine capacities that can be chosen, 4, 8, 10, 12, 16, or more, when changing the tool, the machine head moves to the tool magazine, selects the required tool, and returns to continue carving. Realize quick tool change, improve work efficiency. The tool changer can be placed next to the spindle or on the side of the gantry. This carousel tool change method has the feature of faster tool change speed, so the production efficiency is higher. In addition, this tool change method make the machine run more stably, which can ensure higher machining accuracy and higher processing quality.

carousel automatic tool changer

Positioning Cylinder

For the standard 1325, the positioning cylinders are usually distributed in 2 on the X-axis and 3 on the Y-axis. These pneumatic devices form an L-shaped right angle. Function: Position the plate to be processed, reduce the time of manual positioning of the plate, and improve the efficiency of plate feeding. After installing the positioning cylinder, it is possible to ensure that each sheet is placed in the same position, without repeating the definition of the workpiece origin to ensure the positioning accuracy, which is simple to operate and saves time. The main point is safety performance. The positioning of the cylinder is also controlled by the control system's program. It has a cross-border protection device. When the positioning shaft of the cylinder extends, the machine automatically stops working to prevent the spindle tool from cutting the cylinder or the cylinder shaft from damaging the tool. , Can avoid unnecessary losses in a limited way.

Positioning Cylinder

SHIMPO Reducer

UTECH equipment is equipped with standard reducer structure---patented step reducer/Japan SHIMPO reducer 1:5/1:10. Compared with the reduction gear and the structure inside the gear box, the belt of the timing belt has a certain tension and is easy to loosen. It is often necessary to change the belt. There is also a gear box for the machine to decelerate. When the machine needs to decelerate and stop, the gear box has no effect. Obviously, and due to the use of timing belts, great inertia is easy to slip and overtravel.

The reducer has the characteristics of low backlash, low noise, high strength, and accurate deceleration effect.

shimpo reducer


UTECH ATC CNC Series Rack adopts high-precision 1.5M helical gear rack, which is complementary with the professional motor and professional deceleration device, which runs smoothly, high speed, high precision and low noise. Adapt PMI 25 Linear guide+Flange slider+precision 1.5M helical rack transmission structures can ensure that Running stably and reliably, working life is long, the machine can keep working for a long time.


Vacuum Table&T-slot Table

Unique multipurpose bakelite plate vacuum and aluminum clamping bed, with 4-8 adsorption zone, could be independent control to achieve adsorb and clamp.

The vacuum table is with multi zones, which allows the operator to switch from full sheet processing to smaller part processing. Every vacuum zone is controlled by separated valves on the front of the machine, and whole vacuum zones are with one general valve to control.

vacuum tableWeihong NK280B Controller

NK280B is widely used in CNC engraving and milling machines/engraving machines. It is one of the representatives of Weihong's highly reliable and cost-effective motion control system; supports 4-axis linkage; supports Yaskawa M-II and Weizhi servo bus absolute value; serial Communication; I/O can be expanded with an 8-inch LCD display, embedded platform, and customers can carry out secondary development of the process.


Wireless hand wheel

It is an operating tool when the engraving and milling machine is manually moved. It is used in the correction of the origin of the CNC machine tool and the division of the signal, and the operation is convenient.

Wireless hand wheel

Product Advantages                                                                                                                      

product advantage

Application of SESAME ATC CNC Router                                                                                     

This CNC router is specially designed for foam plastic mold making, cabinet making, plastic sheet processing, sign making, aluminum cutting and other industries.

Construction industry (general carpentry, cabinets and doors, facades and curtain walls, columns and railings)

Signage and advertising (indoor and outdoor signs, engravings and reliefs, three-dimensional lettering, funerals)

Reliefs, three-dimensional carvings and cylinder projects.

Plastics and composites (ACP, ACM, solid surface materials, etc.)

Non-ferrous metals and ships

Applicable materials

Wood: plywood, softwood, hardwood, medium density fiberboard, particle board

Plastic acrylic, ABS, high density polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, high density polyethylene

Stone: Granite, marble, slate Granite, marble, slate, basalt, cobblestone, natural stone, ceramic, porcelain

Soft metals aluminum, brass, copper, mild steel

Composite materials aluminum composite materials, copper composite materials, titanium composite materials, zinc composite materials.


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