4*8FT Professional Oscillating Knife CNC Router For Wood Acrylic
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4*8FT Professional Oscillating Knife CNC Router For Wood Acrylic

Oscillating knife CNC cutting machine 4*8ft size for wood acrylic PP board KT board PVC.
Working Table Size:
Oscillating knife:
Visual system:
Table Structure:
Driving mode:
  • Sofia


  • M3000S

UTECH Atc Cnc Router Oscillating Knife CNC Cutter with CCD Visual System on wood for furniture

atc cnc router

UTECH 4*8FT Professional Oscillating Knife CNC Router For Wood Acrylic is a professional grade cutting solution. Designed to provide precision and versatility. This state-of-the-art machine is designed to meet the needs of various industries, making it ideal for cutting materials such as cardboard, plywood, textiles, rubber, felt, corrugated cardboard, cardboard, leather, cork, rigid foam board and more. The machine has a stronger frame and is equipped with an automatic tool changer and automatic feeding device, which greatly improves production efficiency. Secondly, this 4*8FT Professional Oscillating Knife CNC Router For Wood Acrylic can pick up according to presets and complete complex wood processing without the need for personnel to stand nearby, which not only reduces labor costs but also ensures the safety of the operator. Whether you are in the packaging industry, signage production or any other field that requires precise cutting, our 4*8FT Professional Oscillating Knife CNC Router For Wood Acrylic are your best solution. Come experience the power and precision of this professional-grade machine and take your cutting abilities to new heights!



Working Table Size(mm)
Travel (X-Axis)(mm)
Control System Brand
UTECH-Knife Visual Positioning Cutting&Engraving
Travel (Y-Axis)(mm)
Spindle Motor Power
9kw air cooled spindle
Travel (Z-Axis)(mm)
Servo motors
Leadshine Hybrid servo motor and driver
Maximum feed rate(mm)
XY Transmission
XY by WMH Herion 1.5M helical rack, Z axis with Taiwan TBI ball screw
linear guide rail
Taiwan PMI Square Guide Rail
Table structure
Vacuum table+High precision electric board+T-slot table
Tool magazine parameters
tool box with 4/8 tools
3PH AC380V (Option: 220V)
Other standard
vacuum cleaner、Vacuum pump、sealing strip、tec
PS:All the working area and specifications can be customized according to your requests.


1. The bed is made of high-rigidity rectangular steel pipe welded and optimized dragnet structure, aging treatment to ensure the precision of the bed.

2. Double heads device--spindle and oscillating knife, can be cut according to different materials.  After many improved tests, we update machine, now machine only have one Z axis for spindle and oscillating knife, it’s integrated together to share one z-axis motor&drive, and doesn’t need another set of motor&driver to control the z-axis of oscillating knife separately.

3. Excellent visual positioning system, one-click cutout and one-click start processing, free of typesetting&cutout time, improve processing efficiency. Equipped with professional 1.5 megapixel industrial camera, powerful image recognition, more accurate cutting.

4. Oscillating knife head can be processed and tracing-edge cutting according to different materials, the material dust-free and without raw edge.

5. CCD: Tracing-edge cutting for different materials, KT board, PVC, photo paper to achieve no burr cutting.

6. Transmission model adopt precision reducer match with brand gear rack, large torque, low noise and high transmission precision accuracy.

7. Machine supports DXF, JPG, PNG, NC and other formats, not only with automatic tracing-edge, but also support the function of CNC router.


4*8FT Professional Wood Acrylic Oscillating Knife CNC Router Common cutting applications/materials

1. Woodworking industry: Very suitable for furniture decoration, musical instruments, wooden handicrafts, solid wood furniture, medium density fiberboard paint-free doors, solid wood composite doors, cabinets, kitchen doors, windows, bedside tables, etc.

2. Decoration industry: art models, wall art, screen relief and cutting, decorative processing, gift packaging, corrugated boards, electrical cabinet panels, sports equipment and other wooden industrial products.

3. Advertising: acrylic, two-color board, PVC, ABS board, aluminum board, density board, artificial stone, organic glass, aluminum, copper and other soft metals, cutting matrix, text, signs, trademarks.

4. Composite soft materials such as glass fiber, glass fiber wool, prepreg, carbon fiber, carbon fiber felt, boron fiber, aramid fiber, ceramic fiber, soft glass, PVC, leather, artificial leather, silicone, rubber materials.


Machine with oscillating knife, CCD visual positioning system and cnc spindle. Except EOT-3 oscillating knife for cutting many kinds of soft materials, CCD visual positioning system with automatic tracing-edge, also support the function of CNC router.



1/ EOT-3 - Oscillating Tangential Knife

The EOT-3 is a processing unit for CNC-machines to cut various materials such as cardboard, sealing materials, foils, corrugated cardboard, carbon fiber prepreg material, leather, rigid foam and many others. A powerful oscillation motor moves the blade quickly up and down while an actuator rotates the blade in each direction of cutting. Thus, even strong and thick materials can be cut precisely and quickly. 

 * CNC-machined, rugged metal housing

* Precision kinematics

* Oscillation frequency: approx. 3500 –7000 stroke per minute (12-20VDC)

* Drive motor with multiple ball bearings

* Opto-electronic, contactless detection of the blade position

* Equipped with a reverse polarity protection and an optical display for the working status

* Internal voltage regulator and stabilizer

* Equipped with a signal amplifier that generates a clearly defined digital signal for the reference position of the tangential axis.

* High compatibility with equipment from different manufacturers

 2/ UTECH-Knife V5.5.0 Visual Positioning Cutting&Engraving Control System

Multifunction controller with PCI card slot, could support oscillating knife, CCD camera and spindle.

 3/ CCD camera for tracing-edge

Equipped with professional 1.5 megapixel industrial camera, powerful image recognition, more accurate cutting.

 4/ Machine Base Frame 

The base frame is fabricated from heavy-duty tubular steel that is welded, precision machined and stress relieved so that the foundation remains true and steady over the operational life of the machine.

 5/ Anodized Aluminum Spindle Fixing plate

The spindle is fixed on the high quality aviation aluminum T6061/6063 plate, and it is Anodized Aluminum processing, the plate is machined by high precision CNC machining center.

 6/ Dust cover for the guide rail and the helical rack gear

The machine is designed with the dust cover for the guide rail and the helical rack and gear, to reduce friction, make the rail and the rack have longer service life.

 7/ Japan SHIMPO 1:5/1:10 gear reducer + Servo motor&driver(Delta/YASKAWA/Panasonic)

Due to machine with servo motor&driver, then we install Japan SHIMPO 1:10 gear reducer on driving motor, makes the motor is more powerful, and having a longer time service life. 

The servo motors are installed on all axis to ensure precise positioning of the gantry and the spindle in accordance with a predetermined program at high speed. Hybrid servo or Delta servo motors are well proven high degree of reliability.

 8/ Reserved Position for Forklift

Bed welding process increases the reserved forklift, highlights two major advantages: First, increase the strength of the bed itself; Second, it`s more convenient for customers to load or unload the equipment.


1/ Machine packed with EPE foam, wrapping film and standard export plywood box.

2/ We support 30%-50% advance payment, when received the payment or bank receipt, our designer will make drawing and arrange production, after machine finished, we’ll take testing video and machine detailed pictures for customer checking, after confirmed there’re no problem, could pay the balance payment, I’ll book ship and arrange delivery.

3/ We support TT payment, if you’ve other demands, also could share with me.


Shandong U-May Cnc Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2014. It is a router manufacturer with unique creativity and leading technology. Based on technological innovation, it provides intelligent cutting solutions and services to the world. UTECH has always been committed to innovation, has professional technical R&D personnel, and insists on providing professional products, machines and technical services to various industries to promote users to create greater value. UTECH adheres to the core values of "customer first, people first" and sincerely serves every user. Equipped with a professional technical team and a 7*24-hour free customer service hotline to provide customers with technical consultation, operational guidance and after-sales service.

after-sales service

///UTECH" became the company's new logo, and the company's development philosophy "Smarter Solution, Better Tomorrow.

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