Hot Sale Small Co2 Laser Cutting Machine For Acrylic Paper Wood
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Hot Sale Small Co2 Laser Cutting Machine For Acrylic Paper Wood

UTECH Professional Large Work Area 1390 CNC Router Co2 Laser Cutting Machine For Authorized Cards Engraving And Cutting.
Core Components:
Working Table:
Software support:
Laser control system:
Linear Guide:
  • CO2


  • CO2

1300*900mm CO2 Laser engraving machine cutting machine Fully automatic CCD camera


The device uses domestic CO2 glass tube laser source, it can cut and engrave the surface of non-metallic materials with Chinese & English words, numbers, trademarks and other vector graphics, serial number, batch number, specifications and other product labelings etc.

CO2 laser Engraving / Cutting machine use the international advanced DSP control technology, creating a continuous industry-leading, Fast curve cutting and shortest machining path optimization, greatly improving work efficiency. For engraving the entire automatic light failure compensation to ensure consistent cutting results in different regions, fast cutting software design and high-speed sports buffer function, but also can improve production efficiency, in line with the user's site design requirements.

It is widely used in wood products, paper, leather, fabrics, Plexiglas, epoxy resin, acrylic, wool, plastic, rubber, ceramic tiles, crystal, bamboo products and other non-metallic materials engraving and cutting.CO2 laser engraving machine / cutting machine is consist of the laser source, light guide system, cutting head, control system, machine tool unit and exhaust dust system.

Machine Features

✦Drive system with high precision linear guide and slide block, high precision ,wearresistance, small resistance, high speed;arc-gear synchronous belt 3m,stabletransmission, strong shock absorption ability and small noise.
✦Red cross accurate position, convenient and quick in finding engraving and cutting position.

✦Equipment with automatic / manual modulation focused laser head, responsive andaccurate to ensure sculpture quality.

✦ The advantage of laser processing is that various patterns can be carved and hollowed out on the surface of various materials quickly. Because laser processing is a non-contact processing method, it will not produce any external deformation on the materials.

✦ The laser engraving machine has many advantages, such as high precision, no burr, and can process any shape.
✦ Acrylic transparent cover can not only isolate the internal and external environment, but also facilitate people to observe the processing process and the working state of the machine in time.
✦ Adopt imported high-precision guide rail system to ensure processing accuracy and service life.
✦ The movable universal wheel makes the movement of the machine more convenient.
✦ Laser tube adopts industry model products to ensure processing accuracy and durability.


1390 Laser engraving machine
Working area
1300*900mm (Can tailor-made for you)
Laser power
Reci 80w/100w/130w/150w
Laser tube type
Sealed CO2 glass laser tube
laser tube cooling type
S&A Industrial Water Chiller
Cutting speed
Repositioning accuracy
Working voltage
AC110v/220v 50Hz/60Hz
Consuming power
Laser control system
RDC6442S control system
Driving system
YAKO stepper motor YKD3505M-DK-B1 and driver YK368-826G
Working table
Blade table ( Alternative Honeycomb table )
Linear guide
ABBA square rail (sub-brand of SKF)
Minimum letter size
English:1mm x1mm; Chinese: 2mm x 2mm


✦Mainly used for large blister word cutting, two-color plate engraving, PMMA Plexiglas engraving and cutting,nameplate & crystal & trophy & other authorized cards engraving and cutting.

✦Handicraft industry: to carve various pattern and words in wood, bamboo, ivory, bones, leather, marble, shells etc.

✦ Leather garment processing industry: for real leather, synthetic leather, artificial leather, fabrics, fur complex text graphics carving, cutting, hollowing process. Like in clothes, apparel, underwear, furniture, gloves, handbags, shoes and hats, toys and car flower industries. To make them beyond fashion, outstanding .

✦The model industry: to produce sand table construction model and aircraft model, ABS board cutting, multi-layer cutting.

✦Packaging industry: To carve printing rubber plate, plastic plate, double-decker, knife-cutting board.

✦Product marking industry: for equipment nameplate, product anti-counterfate marking etc.

✦ Other industries: marble, granite, glass, crystal and other decorative materials engraving and marking, paper and greeting cards and other paper craft cutting process.


///UTECH" became the company's new logo, and the company's development philosophy "Smarter Solution, Better Tomorrow.

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