Heavy Duty Metal Cutting Machine Carbon Steel Fiber Laser Cutter
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Heavy Duty Metal Cutting Machine Carbon Steel Fiber Laser Cutter

It is a high-precision metal cutting machine that can process a variety of personalized shapes and contours.
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  • UT-3015LF


Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine


1. The HT250 material is integrally cast and has stable vibration absorption performance. The machine tool cuts at high speed reduce machine resonance and have higher cutting precision.

2. One-piece casting beam, solid solution treated by T6, hardness above 90°, solid and durable casting, high acceleration stability.

3. German Bo guide rail slider, stable operation, high precision, low noise, with unique stainless steel anti-collision device, waterproof and dustproof design at the bottom, strong universal replacement.

4. Taiwan YYC rack, made of the world's most advanced grinding technology, non-working surface with one-time forming end grinding technology, with better verticality and parallelism, stable operation under heavy load.

5. Automatically focus the laser head. Autofocus function, capacitive sensing, fully automatic follow-up system;

6. Planetary reducer, reducer products with high precision, high rigidity, high torque, and high load capacity waiting point.

7. High-quality stainless steel cold water circulation pump with high flow, high lift, low noise, and long service life;

8. The control system adopts LCD Chinese-English bilingual conversion computer controller, CPU automatic control, can realize man-machine dialogue, and the operation is simple and intuitive.

9. American Bechle lubrication system, intelligent automatic lubrication system device, timing, and quantitative forced lubrication to ensure long-term high-precision operation of moving parts.





Lathe Bed

It is made of HT250 monolithic casting material, leading the industry. After thermal aging treatment, it will not deform for 30 years, and it has good stability and vibration absorption performance.



Machine Gantry

One-piece casting forming beam, T6 solution treatment, hardness above 90°, solid and durable integral casting, not easy to resonate, and high acceleration stability.


Sawtooth Table

The steel serrated table can withstand heavier work pieces and has only a small area to touch the workpiece when cutting, maximizing the melting of the table surface by the heat of the laser.
The tabletop is encrypted and detachable, which is convenient to move and increase the bearing capacity.

Cooling System

The main function of the electric control cabinet air conditioner is to maintain the constant temperature inside the cabinet. Especially for areas that are too hot or too cold, it can extend the life of electrical components in the cabinet and ensure the normal working of electrical components.

Feeding roll

The machine comes with a feeding roll. The feeding roll will help the worker feed the material easily.

Automatic lubricator

The function of the automatic oil pump is mainly to perform regular quantitative oiling on the easily wearable guide rail, ball screw, and rack gear. It is by the digital controller to control the lubrication pump working cycle; lubrication time and intermittent time.


Applied Industry

1. Widely used in sheet metal processing, advertising sign production, kitchen utensils, all kinds of hardware products, saw blades, mechanical parts, etc.

2. Specifically speaking, fiber laser cutting machines can be applied to the kitchen utensils industry, pipe processing, crafts/gifts/nameplate production, sheet metal cutting, glasses/jewelry industry, electrical and electronic industry, mechanical parts production and processing, lighting industry and engineering projects and a series of metal-related processing work.