Best Quality 1300*2500mm CNC PLASMA Cutting Machine for Carbon Steel
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Best Quality 1300*2500mm CNC PLASMA Cutting Machine for Carbon Steel

1. Cutting Speed
Cut materials faster and more accurately. Have a smoother, burr-free cutting surface.
2. Stability
More stable control system and light path system.
Working Size:
Cutting Speed:
Transmission System:
Operating System:
Motor and Driver:
Plasma power supply:
Cutting Thickness:


Best Quality 1300*2500mm CNC PLASMA Cutting Machine

for Carbon Steel


1. Determine the thickness of the metal that you will most frequently cut
2. Test the machine and examine the cut quality
3. Find out if the machine is easy to operate and feels comfortable

A plasma cutting machine is provided in which a dross adhesion inhibitor is jetted from a plasma torch toward the cutting start position (piercing position) of the object material. A dross adhesion inhibitor supply flow path for feeding the dross adhesion inhibitor is connected to an assist gas feeding line in which an assist gas for assisting cutting of the object material with the plasma arc flows.




  • Plasma cutting head

Including control box for adjusting height, photoelectric switch and limit switch.

  • Starfire control system+Shanghai HYD Arc voltage regulator

Adjust the distance automatically as the different materials

  • Plamsa power supply

Chinese Huayuan power supply/America Hypertherm power supply is optional

  • Gear+Taiwan HIWIN rail guide

XY axis by gear rack transmission, HIWIN rail guide to make machine higher precision, faster cutting speed, more bettre cutting performance.

  • JMC Stepper Motor&driver

  • 3mm sawtooth + square pipe

The table can bear 2000-2500kg without deformation.

  • Split structure

Machine legs and machine body could be splitted freely, then could help you save much space and shipping freight.

  • Water tank

absorb smoke and prevent burning

plasma detail


Application of CNC Plasma cutting machines:

  • Advertising Industry:

Advertising signs, Logo making, Decoratives products, Production of advertising and a variety of metal materials.

  • Metal Industry:

For steel, Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Alloy steel, Spring steel, Copper plate, Aluminum plate,Gold, Sliver, Titanium and other metal plate and tube.



SESAME P1 plasma cutting machine continues the split design of SESAME S2 CNC ROUTER, save the shipping cost.

Machine legs and machine body could be separated freely, could save some space and shipping freight, before package, customer could choose dismantle or not, also easy to install, if dismantle, we'll take video for showing how to dismantle and assemble.

A 20GP container could pack six sets SESAME P1 1325.

Package and Shipping

Company profile

Before confirming the production order, we will provide the rendering picture and 360-degree panoramic video, so that customers can fully understand the style and structure of the machine, so as to ensure that the actual machine meets the requirements of customers, so as to avoid the discrepancy between the real object and customers' imagination caused by various communication deviations.

UTECH technical support is designed to help you make the most of the machine. A variety of technical files and installation videos will be placed in the U disk and shipped with the machine. Our technical experts can provide online remote support and training, and contact UTECH technical support experts in real time for remote diagnosis. Door to door service is also available.

Company profile

after-sale service



///UTECH" became the company's new logo, and the company's development philosophy "Smarter Solution, Better Tomorrow.

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