Ball Screw Industrial Cnc Wood Router for Sale
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Ball Screw Industrial Cnc Wood Router for Sale

In simplest terms, plasma cutting is a process that uses a high velocity jet of ionized gas that is delivered from a constricting orifice. The high velocity ionized gas, that is, the plasma, conducts electricity from the torch of the plasma cutter to the work piece. The plasma heats the workpiece, melting the material. The high velocity stream of ionized gas mechanically blows the molten metal away, severing the material.

Working Table Size:
Motor and driver:
Tool changer:


Ball Screw Industrial Cnc Wood Router for Sale

Available in bed sizes of:
* 1500 x 3000 mm
* 2000 x 3000 mm
* 2000 x 4000 mm
Custom bed sizing is also available.

UTECH M3000S ATC CNC Router is manufactured using global state-of-the-art techniques with advanced engineering, workmanship and built to last with all steel construction and superior components such as precision linear bearings and rails. Key features are a 9KW(12HP) high frequency automatic tool changer spindle with 4-position tool rack, pneumatically retractable vacuum hood and multi-zone vacuum t-slot table. The system includes Servo motors and controls with handle controller.


Sofia M3000S
Working area
1300x2500mm(1500x3000mm, 2000x3000mm, 2000x4000mm is optional)
Control system
Weihong NK105 handle controller(NK260, Syntec is optional)
9kw air cooling spindle(Chinese brand, HSD is optional)
Spindle speed
Motor and Driver
Leadshine hybrid servo reducer structure
11kw inverter
Table surface
T-slot and Vacuum Table&7.5kw vacuum pump
Lubrication system
Automatic lubrication system
Auto tool calibration
Mist cooling sprayer
Automatic oil mist cooling sprayer
X,Y Axis: 1.25M Helical rack, Taiwan Hiwin/PMI 25# Rail Linear Bearing.
Z Axis: Taiwan PMI Rail 25# Linear Bearing & Taiwan TBI Ball Screw
Whole machine with Japan SHIMPO reducer 1:5 or 1:10


Advertising industry
Acrylic cutting, density board cutting, snowflake cutting, double color board carving, various advertising boards.
Furniture industry
Cabinet doors, wooden doors, solid wood, mahogany furniture, antique furniture, all kinds of composite sheet cutting carving.
Plate processing industry
Insulation board, plastic work piece, PCB board, anti-double board, epoxy resin, ABS, PP, PE and other carbon mixtures.
Crafts industry
Artificial marble, PVC, wood, plexiglass, copper aluminum and so on.
Decoration industry
The screen, wave plate, wood, artificial marble, organic board, decorative board, double color board and other materials on
various exquisite patterns and text carving.


Easily cut aluminium on a CNC Router with the right tooling.

When people mention CNC routers, most of us would think about cutting and engraving wood on a machine like this.  However, CNC routers are also used for materials such as aluminium, brass and copper.

Whilst they will never be as efficient at processing metals when you compare them with Plasma and fibre laser technology, they can still produce projects out of these materials.

How do you cut aluminium on a CNC router?

Firstly you have to make sure the part will be secure so having an adequate vacuum or a clamping system would be a must. This is due to the higher amounts of rotational force required to process metals.

Another important part of the process is getting your tooling right for the job in hand, for example, if you are processing 3mm aluminium you need a tool that will be able to cut through (the tool length is imperative), too short it won’t cut through but equally too long the tool will flex and you won’t get the desired finish.
When cutting metal objects on a CNC the cutters and material also produce a fair bit of heat.  You can dry cut but you will get a much better finish if you use a tooling lubricant that not only helps produce the best finish but also extends the life of your tooling, thus saving on costs.

So why would you use a CNC router to cut metal?

Firstly if you already have a CNC machine, it would save you the cost of purchasing a whole new machine.  Secondly, you may not have the budget to purchase another dedicated metal cutting machine to process your material, lastly, it could also be a case of not having the extra space in the workshop to have both machines.

If you get all of the above correct, you will be producing metal parts in no time on your CNC router.



///UTECH" became the company's new logo, and the company's development philosophy "Smarter Solution, Better Tomorrow.

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